How To Get Gorgeous Shower Screens for Modern Bathrooms

Shower screens are the best ways to beautify and update your bathrooms. Gone are the days when the shower area was restricted by curtains. The most prominent thing in any modern bathroom is the shower enclosure. The glass shower screens Adelaide today are available in stylish and elegant designs. They instantly add a superb look to your bathroom area. At the same time, they segregate the wet and dry areas in your bathroom. If you are looking to refurbish your bathroom, here are some stunning shower screen ideas. 

Apart from shower screen ideas, we have also added tips to select the most suitable option for your bathroom. Whether you are building an entirely new home or remodeling the bathroom, these ideas will help you a lot. Get a quick peek into the most beautiful and unique shower screen styles. Shower screens today are much more than enclosures that increase the utility of your bathrooms. They are also important elements of beauty in your homes and increase the worth of your house.

Most Impressive Shower Enclosure Designs For Stunning Bathroom

Whether you have a traditional-style home or contemporary, these stylish shower screen designs are just perfect. They are great for giving an instant makeover to your bathrooms without huge expenses.

1. Fully Frameless Shower Screens:

Straight frameless glass shower screens in rectangular shapes simply look stunning. If you love the minimalistic yet sleek design, here is the right choice. They are also the best option for small bathrooms where the space availability is restricted. You can erect them in a small corner of your bathroom without occupying much space. Let us also inform you that fully frameless shower screens are the latest trend today. So make your bathroom trendy and beautiful with this design. 

2. Semi-Frameless Shower Screen:

Semi-frameless shower screens come with a sleek rectangle frame around the structure. But the doors are not framed entirely. This design lies between the fully frameless and framed shower screen designs. If you are looking for a highly durable yet stunning shower screen, these are the best choice. Shower screen repair Adelaide and installation services will acquaint you with a variety of semi-frameless shower screens. 

3. Framed Shower Enclosures:

Fully framed shower enclosures are suitable if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. If you are a large family and the bathroom is a busy place in your home, a rectangular framed design is good. The glass panels in the framed shower screens are supported by aluminum frames. The entire structure and the doors are completely framed. You can beautify the bathroom by choosing frames matching with other decors. Or select frames that stand out and highlight the shower area or uplift the entire bathroom look. Make sure you hire good shower screen installation Adelaide services. Accurate installation is of utmost importance when you get a new enclosure in your bathroom. 

4. Walk-In Shower Rooms:

Though walk-in shower rooms are different from shower screens, we can’t help adding them here. If you are not very concerned about privacy in your bathroom area, walk-in shower screen enclosures are great. They suit modern as well as traditional bathrooms. They are easier to maintain as they are doorless. Also, if you have large bathrooms with very few people at home, walk-in shower rooms are great. 

5. Semi-Circular Quadrant Shower Screens:

Quadrant shower screens come in semi-circular shapes to fit in a corner of your bathroom. This shower screen design looks very attractive. This usually comes with sliding doors and hence a space-saving design for small bathrooms. You can beautify your small bathrooms with this stylish option.

6. Glass Blocks Shower Enclosures:

Turn your simple bathroom into a showpiece with stylish glass blocks. The best thing about this style is that they are available in enticing textures, colors, and finishes. You can have the desired amount of light transmission and privacy with the textured glass. If you are looking for a sophisticated and stylish look in your bathroom, glass blocks are great. You can beautify your bathroom by choosing highly aesthetic textured and colored glass options. The glass block surrounds the shower area with a small doorless entrance. 

7. Sliding Door Shower Screens:

Small bathrooms can be updated by adding sliding door shower screens. This saves lots of space compared to the open-and-close door style. Apart from saving space, sliding door-style enclosures also look stylish and modern. You can get customized options according to the space and style of your bathroom area. In short, you can have a large shower enclosure to utilize a spacious bathroom corner. At the same time, sliding doors will save some space.

8. Frosted and Textured Glass Shower Screens:

If you want elegance and style, go for frosted or textured glass shower screens. This beautiful glass type gives you a sophisticated spa-like feel. Frosted glasses are best if you are looking for complete privacy. Certain textured designs are see-through types.  

9. Pivot Door Shower Screens:

If you have enough space and look for stylish closing and opening, go for pivot door shower screens. When it comes to choosing shower room types, there are hundreds of options like plain see-through glass, stained glass, frosted glass, textured, and colored glass. All you need to do is choose a good glazing company. Custom shower screens Adelaide gives you a bespoke bathroom with greater elegance and exactness. 

10. Bi-Fold Door Shower Screen:

Bi-Fold door showers are stylish and practical. With two small doors, you can adjust the limited space. The two-fold mechanism also looks pretty. They are great for modern bathrooms with lesser and average space sufficiency. 

Fully frameless style is one of the trendiest shower enclosure designs today. Choose your shower screen design wisely. Also, the kind of glass used determines the quality and beauty of your shower screens. High-quality toughened glasses ensure safety and durability. Compared to the tiled shower enclosures, glass shower screens are a great and affordable way to remodel your bathrooms. You can also have a fixed glass panel in your bathrooms. Hence, make sure you hire reputed and experienced glaziers to get reliable quality shower screens Adelaide services. 

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