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ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a rather common neurodevelopmental disorder, treated by experts such as Curtis Cripe, is something that needs to be understood very closely owing to its adverse effects on children and their health. This is a disorder that begins in childhood and often carries on into adulthood.

Lack of attention and impulsive behaviors or even being extra active, are the common signs of a child suffering from this disorder. Sometimes they may be found to be daydreaming a lot, struggling to remember things, to be fidgeting with something or the other while talking, making careless mistakes, and several other similar smaller activities.

There are primarily three types of ADHD according to experts in the field like Curtis Cripe, whose expertise is in neurodevelopmental disorders. One can decide which type it is by closely monitoring the symptoms. The first type is the Predominantly Inattentive Presentation. In this category of ADHD, the individual finds it extremely difficult to concentrate on things, just as the name suggests. Following instructions or actively participating in a conversation is not something they are good at. This consequentially is associated with loss of memory of even the most mundane things.

The second one is known as the Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation. Constantly playing with something or fidgeting is a common trait in this kind of ADHD patient. Restlessness is often noticed in these children and it becomes difficult for them to be in one place quietly and calmly. Interrupting in others’ conversations, and snatching things out of others’ hands are some symptoms that are associated with individuals with this disorder.

And finally, the third type is known as Combined Presentation which is a combination of the two types mentioned above. Irrespective of what type of ADHD may be present in a child, it is always important to know the cause behind it, so that it can be treated quickly and effectively.

Some kind of a head or brain injury, premature delivery, intake of alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy, low birth rate, and exposure to environmental risks are some of the common reasons that a child may be affected by this neurodevelopmental disorder opines Curtis Cripe an expert in the field. Professionals who deal with these types of disorders will be able to confirm that things such as consuming too much sugar or watching the television for prolonged hours, inefficient parenting, or disparity in the family are only the rumored causes of this disorder.

Professionals follow a series of steps to ascertain that a child is undergoing such neurodevelopmental problems. These are done to ensure that ADHD is not mistaken to be anxiety, insomnia, depression, and the like. Medical tests for hearing and vision are conducted. Along with this, the person in charge uses a checklist to mark out the symptoms of ADHD and also gathers information on the family history of the child.

The best treatment for this disorder is a combination of the medicines and therapy sessions that are prescribed to the child. Additionally, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to give constant support to the child and help them come out of this problem.

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