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According to new research by a local pediatrician in Islamabad, many parents inadvertently encourage their children to misbehave. In many cases, parents unknowingly do this by rewarding bad behavior and punishing good behavior.

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Here are some examples of avoiding doing this and what you can do instead to encourage your child to behave well and earn rewards from you instead of the other way around!

Tips to Help Parents Stop Bad Behavior

While it’s natural for a child to test boundaries, there are ways parents can effectively deal with bad behavior in their children. To help, I spoke with child specialists, including a best pediatrician in Islamabad who specializes in child psychology and is also a blogger. She offered six tips to help parents stop bad behavior and promote good behavior in their children.

Don’t Reward Children for Bad Behavior

Most parents don’t mean any harm by encouraging their children to misbehave, but these seemingly clear incentives can be dangerous for a child with ADHD or ODD. Many behavior-oriented rewards are considered problematic in diagnosing and treating children with ADHD and ODD.

Learn how to recognize common behavioral incentives and how you can curb them. A pediatrician in Islamabad shares his insights into behaviors that should be discouraged and alternative methods of encouragement that are more productive.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Dealing with An Out-Of-Control Child

Best Pediatricians in Islamabad, child specialists, suggest that it’s important to ask yourself some questions when dealing with an out-of-control child. If a child is behaving inappropriately, these questions can help determine if they are going through a phase or if there might be deeper issues at play.

The first question pediatricians suggest asking is whether or not you have been setting appropriate limits for your child. When children do not understand what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, they may act out more often.

It can also be helpful to look at how much screen time your child gets each day and whether or not they are getting enough sleep. If a child has trouble sleeping because of nightmares or other issues, their behavior may become more erratic than normal.

Ways to Deal with A Picky Eater

If you’re a parent, it’s your job to ensure that your child is growing up healthy and strong. And while that might sound like an easy enough task, it can be more difficult than most realize. One challenge that parents have from time to time is getting their picky eaters to open up their food horizons.

Children may refuse certain foods because they don’t know what’s on their plate or don’t like how something tastes. But children are also quite receptive at a young age, and there are ways for parents to introduce new foods without making a big deal.

Parenting Tips from Pediatricians in Islamabad

Encouraging your child to take part in antisocial behavior (being a bully, kicking and hitting other children, being a criminal) is harmful to them and sets a negative example for others. If your child is not allowed on school property because of their bad behavior, it’s probably time for a serious conversation about what’s causing it and take to child specialists. Parenting doesn’t always come easy; raising kids has many challenges.

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