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With Nlptech’s CCNP Training in Dubai, you may learn how to organize, implement, confirm, and troubleshoot Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) at the enterprise level.

After completing this course, you will:

Develop your LAN and WAN knowledge.

Create a career path that includes a wider network of contacts.

Study a variety of networking concepts, such as route redistribution

Obtain Cisco certification by passing its three tests.

Nlptech Training can teach you about CCNP Course.

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Dubai CCNP Training

Overview of CCNP training in Dubai

Are you seeking a more challenging course that will help you grasp networking’s functions and characteristics better? You can learn to become a certified professional who can design, install, confirm, and troubleshoot LAN (Local Area Networks) and WAN networks with Nlptech Training Institute’s CCNP training in Dubai (Wide Area Network).

Professionals who desire to advance their networking knowledge and abilities should pursue the CCNP certification. This will be a great stepping stone for people aiming for enterprise-level IT positions like network engineer, network technician, or network administrator.

The importance of CCNP certification

A Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) credential is highly regarded and in high demand. Your capacity to deploy networks and effectively troubleshoot them is validated by the CCNP coursework and certification.

Obtaining the Cisco certification is vital since there are many networking and IT-related jobs available, and these jobs have a good chance of playing well. Our CCNP Training in Dubai, under the direction of qualified instructors from NLPtech Training Institute, will increase your self-awareness so you can stand out and take advantage of all opportunities in the field.

Why Obtain a CCNP Certification?

The Cisco Certified Network Professional training will aid in the development of professional skill sets as well as several employment options and earning potential.

Anyone who wants to establish a name for themselves in networking must obtain CCNP certification.

Achieving CCNP certification is a significant accomplishment for its holders.

It demonstrates your expertise in computer networking, which may open up more lucrative job prospects for you.

Results of the CCNP Training Program and Professional Advantages

High Acceptability Rate: Having a CCNP credential demonstrates to your company that you have what it takes to be successful in their network. This will not only enhance your chances for future employment but will also demonstrate your familiarity with networking concepts and technologies.

Better Salary Prospects: The CCNP certification is the top networking credential, and it will make you eligible for a wide range of professional prospects.

Career Development: For job seekers wishing to advance their careers, the CCNP certification is the perfect first step. A much-needed career boost will come from earning the CCNA certification.

Worldwide Recognition: The CCNA certification is a designation that is respected and recognized all around the world. The information you learn from this coursework aids in your exploration of various career paths.


The CCNP training offered by Nlptech in Dubai is intended for individuals with three to five years of expertise handling enterprise networking. Candidates will have an edge in this course if they have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or engineering. The CCNP course has no official prerequisites, yet with our dedicated, industry-accredited professionals, you can succeed in the IT sector.

Career Opportunities for CCNP

Possessing a CCNP certification demonstrates your proficiency in operating and researching LAN and WAN networks. We will instruct you on how to use wireless communication technology to your advantage while maintaining the highest levels of security. You can improve your networking skills for our CCNP training and wow your employers. The following are the positions available for prospective CCNA candidates:

Role of the Position Years of Experience Annual Salary

3+ Network Engineer 81,100 AED

3+ Network Administrator 172,800 AED

System Engineer 5+ 91 500 AED

Engineer Support 8+ AED 268,000

Architect Solutions 8+ AED 304.500 Industries Searching for CCNP Experts

Design and Architecture of IT


Networking and telecommunications IT consulting

Internet Safety

Educational Services Businesses Looking for CCNP Experts in the UAE

University of the United Arab Emirates


MVP Tech Praxis Consulting Honeywell


Course Outline

Topics covered by the Cisco Certified Network Professional Certification include:

a description of networks

Switching and routing are crucial.

network scalability

tying networks together

Exercise Options

Select the training program that best meets your needs.

Exercise Options Features

Live online instruction for 35 contact hours

Classes with Authorized Instructors

Daytime and Weekend Classes

35 instructor-led classes for classroom instruction

present a case study

Presentation Based on a Lecture

Inserts for audio and video

Exam practice and simulations

Corporate Training That Is Tailored Online/Instructor-Led Learning

Options for flexible pricing

Learning Management System for Businesses (LMS)

Enterprise dashboards for teams and individuals

Student assistance and support

How Do I Become A CCNP?

To obtain CCNP certification, complete these three steps

The CCNP training offered by Nlptech in Dubai is here to advance your professional standing. You will have authority and international recognition thanks to the certification. In order to obtain the certificate, you must:

  • Get Qualified CCNP Training
  • CCNP Certification Exam Registration
  • Obtain Your CCNP Certification

Why Should I Attend CCNP Certification Training at Nlptech in Dubai?

The CCNP certification is a fantastic approach to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and that you are up to date on current tactics and trends. You will work on projects and use cases that are pertinent to the industry with the devoted instructors at Nlptech Training Institute.

Our CCNP Course in Dubai will assist you in passing all three CCNP exams and help you earn your certification. With our practical instruction, you’ll have the necessary experience to excel in your duties and responsibilities and set yourself apart from competitors.

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