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We offer the lowest MBBS fees for students who want to study MBBS in Russia. Pakistani students can apply directly for MBBS in Russia if they qualify as admission is open.

The total MBBS tuition fee for Pakistani students in Russia ranges from Rs 160,000 to Rs 280,000 for a full MBBS course. This is one of the main reasons why Pakistani students choose Russia as their destination. The MBBS program lasts for six years and is taught in English.

MBBS Fees In Russia – 2022 (September)

Here is the detailed MBBS fee structure for top medical schools in Russia in 2022 (September).

Is MBBS in Russia valid/recognized in Pakistan?

Yes, MBBS programs in Russia are fully valid and approved in Pakistan. The above medical schools are accredited by WHO and PMDC/PMC. The list of accredited/approved Russian medical schools for Pakistani students can be found through the links on the official websites of PMC (former PMDC) and WHO.

The University awards MD (Doctor of Medicine) degrees to Pakistani students upon successful completion of their medical studies. This MBBS/MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from Russia is valid and recognized in Pakistan. It is just another name for what we in Pakistan call an MBBS degree. Thousands of Pakistani students, who had earlier completed their Cost of MBBS In Russia, have successfully taken up jobs in Pakistan and many other countries after passing the PMDC screening/FMGE/Next exams.

How to apply for MBBS in Russia?

Pakistani students will be able to apply for MBBS in Russia in 2022 by following these steps.

Students need to submit their 10th and 12th class marks MDCAT results and an application form.

The university will make an offer within 2-3 working days.

Students need to submit all original documents along with a notebook, passport, photo ID, and medical certificate.

The college will provide a soft copy of the letter of invitation from the Embassy of Pakistan for a study visa.

The college will collect and submit all the visa documents and once completed, you will receive your visa from the embassy.

You will be informed of the date of departure of your group from Pakistan to Russia.

Please arrive at least two days before departure to collect all documents and visas from us.

*The procedure for MBBS registration in Russia described below is simple and can be done online or at our office.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Russia?

Some of the main advantages of studying MBBS in Russia are as follows

MBBS fees in Russia.

Admission to MBBS in Russia is easy so there are no donations or admission fees for Pakistani students.

The eligibility criteria are 50% marks and MDCAT qualification.

The total duration of MBBS in Russia is six years, which ensures adequate clinical exposure and learning.

The cost of an MBBS in Russia is very low, i.e. Rbl. 160 000-300 000 for the whole program, including accommodation.

The entire medical curriculum is in English, especially for Pakistani students.

All Russian medical schools are accredited by WHO and PMDC/PMC, so diplomas are valid worldwide.

For better understanding and learning, the number of classes is limited to 15 students.

Separate hostels are available for Pakistani students with 24-hour security.

All basic hostel services are free of charge for international students.

Different types of accommodation are available, such as 2/3/4-bedrooms.

Russia, in particular, receives the highest number of Pakistani students each year.

What is the MBBS in Russia?

The language of instruction for Pakistani students studying MBBS in Russia is English.

All medical courses are conducted in English, except for the part where students interact with local patients.

However, students also learn the local language, Russian (as a regularly examinable subject).

This helps Pakistani students to communicate with local patients when they go to hospitals for clinical practice.

This additional language facilitates communication with the local population and helps them to understand the country better.

What accommodation is available for Pakistani students in Russia?

Here is a brief overview of accommodation for Pakistani students in Russia.

MBBS Admission Examination in Russia.

Pakistani students live in state dormitories provided by Russian universities during their MBBS studies.

They also have the option of living independently by renting a room/apartment in the city starting in their second year.

Pakistani hostels in Russia are much more reliable and better than Pakistani hostels.

This is one of the reasons why their mentors in Pakistan make sure they are in a very safe place.

Russian universities are full of Pakistanis because many Pakistanis study there.

At some medical universities in the Russian Federation, Pakistani canteens are mandatory for first-year students.

Starting in the second year, students can prepare their own meals in the dormitory kitchen or continue to eat in Pakistani canteens.

All services, such as electricity, hot and cold water, laundry, and room heating, are provided free of charge by the government/university.

What is the average cost of living in Russia?

The average cost of living for Pakistani students in Russia is significantly lower than in other neighboring countries.

Pakistani students can spend about $80-100 per month, including food, small trips, and other expenses.

However, the average cost of living in Russia depends entirely on the student’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

The Russian currency is the ruble, and the current exchange rate is about 1 ruble = 1 Indian rupee.

How can Pakistani students pay for MBBS studies in Russia?

Pakistani students can pay for MBBS in Russia in two different ways. The first way is to pay tuition fees directly upon arrival in Russia, which is the most common way among Pakistani students; the second way is to transfer the money directly from a Pakistani bank to the Russian university’s bank account.

In the case of transferring tuition fees to the medical university in Russia through a bank, this must be done well before departure from Pakistan. In this case, you will need to bring with you a certificate from the bank confirming the tuition fee transfer and present it to the university.

However, only some universities allow the transfer of tuition fees directly from Pakistan to the university’s official bank account. Therefore, most Pakistani students pay tuition fees for MBBS directly upon arrival in Russia.

What is the Russian MBBS program for Pakistani students?

MBBS courses for Pakistani students in Russia have been designed and implemented very efficiently to provide them with the best theoretical and practical knowledge to earn the MBBS degree in Russia.

General medical degree in Russia.

The number of students in MBBS courses for Pakistani students in Russia never exceeds 12-15 students.

This makes it very easy and convenient for Pakistani students to communicate directly with their teachers.

The teachers and professors who teach Pakistani students are highly qualified doctors, professors, and PhDs.

They are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English to international students.

The first two years of MBBS education in Russia focus on theoretical medical subjects.

In the third year, more time is spent on theoretical and practical training, as well as regular hospital visits.

Most clinical practice skills are acquired during years 3-6. The third year provides the most intensive clinical and practical experience with patients in public hospitals.

Is the MBBS program in Russia 2022 online/offline for Pakistani students?

The situation is completely 50/50. The MBBS course in Russia 2022 is both online and offline. It is well known that the Covid 19 pandemic is ongoing globally and nothing is certain at this point. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that MBBS courses will be offered online in Russia. Especially if the Covid 19 situation deteriorates by the end of 2022.

However, students need not worry about this. Because online education can only benefit students. First, they can save on monthly living expenses and airfare for the first year. Second, their education will not be interrupted because they can complete all online courses from Pakistan.

All Pakistani students admitted to MBBS in Russia in 2020 have completed their online coursework without any problems. In the middle of the second semester, planes started flying and they left for Russia. This was made possible by the inclusion of other countries (including Russia and others) in the “Air Bubble Agreement”, which was recently renewed by the Pakistani government by mutual agreement.

Was studying MBBS abroad in Russia the right decision?

Deciding to study MBBS in Russia can be the best decision for studying MBBS abroad.

This is best for you if you are qualified for MDCAT but could not secure a place in Pakistan due to the high cost of private colleges in Pakistan.

It is a great opportunity to get direct admission to MBBS in Russia without an entrance exam.

In Russian medical colleges, the number of seats for Pakistani students is very limited.

Therefore, Pakistani students who really want to study MBBS in Russia should plan well in advance if they want to get confirmed admission.

Admission to study MBBS in Russia is governed solely by the university and PMDC/PMC admission criteria.

In addition, seats are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

These top medical universities in Russia are ranked much higher than the most reputed medical universities in Pakistan.

Why should Pakistani students choose to study MBBS in Russia?

Season 2022 (September) is a great opportunity for all Pakistani students to study MBBS in Russia.

Hostels for Pakistani students in Russia

Firstly, some of the best medical universities in Russia are much better than the best medical universities in Pakistan.

Second, tuition fees for MBBS in Russia start at least 16 million and include dorm accommodation and health insurance.

Studying MBBS in Russia takes six years. This ensures that students acquire all the necessary clinical skills and master them.

Due to the six years of medical studies, Pakistani students in Russia spend more time in hospitals than Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Moreover, the total number of Pakistani students who choose to study MBBS in Russia each year is higher than in any other country.

International flights to Russia are covered by the Air Bubble agreement.

Pakistani students are therefore likely to reach their destination cities in Russia as they did last year.

How is medical education in Russia beneficial for Pakistani students?

Apart from the best universities and excellent hostels, many other factors make medical education in Russia very useful and beneficial. Some of the facts that substantiate the above statements are as follows:

Pakistani students have the opportunity to practice locally after completing their MBBS course in Russia.

Students can take the PMDC/PMDC/FMGE/NeXT screening test in Pakistan to work as doctors on a permanent basis.

Pakistani students can also apply for USMLE, PLAB, NZREX, etc., and continue their studies in any of these countries.

All state medical universities in Russia offer student exchange programs and summer internships.

Medical faculties regularly organize extracurricular activities that develop students’ personalities.

Why opt for MBBS admission in Russia through us?

In a nutshell, the main benefits you will get when you are admitted to an MBBS program in Russia through us are as follows:

You have 100% assurance that you will get what you buy at the price stated on the website.

There are no hidden fees other than those indicated in the fee structure on the website.

Also, you can enroll at any time if you have a desire to become a doctor.

We manage all the important services before your departure from Pakistan and after your arrival in Russia.

Students can contact us for effective support during their medical education.

* Students who wish to apply to the best medical universities in Russia can reserve their seats now as the admission process has started.

* This process can be done online (recommended due to the current Covid-19 epidemic) or in person at our offices.

Medical Education in Russia

MBBS in Russia is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a career while studying MBBS abroad. Some useful facts that can increase the importance of taking MBBS admission in Russia are:

Application for medical school in Russia for Pakistani students.

Medical colleges are highly supported and funded by the government to maintain the highest standards of education.

MBBS studies in Russia are recognized by WHO and PMDC/PMC, which proves that MBBS degrees are valid worldwide.

Pakistani students who have graduated from these Russian medical universities can practice as doctors anywhere in the world.

The national language of Russia is Russian, and attendance is compulsory for all foreign and Pakistani students.

However, most Russians speak Russian, and many also speak English.

Pakistani students in Russia have the opportunity to participate in various exchange programs organized by the Medical University.

These programs allow students to visit other European countries and learn about new developments in the field of medicine.

About Russia

Now that you have some important information about MBBS in Russia, let’s briefly learn about the country of Russia. Until 1991, it was known as the Soviet Union. It is the largest country in the world and has more than 35,000 km of coastline along the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. Russia is so large that there are 11 time zones within the country alone.

Russian lakes account for about a quarter of the world’s fresh water. The largest body of water in Russia is Lake Baikal, the oldest, deepest and cleanest lake in the world. This lake alone accounts for more than one-fifth of the world’s fresh water. The country is extremely rich in natural resources, including natural gas, oil, coal, minerals and timber.

Moscow (Russian: Moskva) is the capital of Russia. Other important cities are St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. The Russian climate has two main seasons: Summer and Winter. The average summer temperature ranges from 25 to 35 °C, and the average winter temperature ranges from 5 to -15 °C. However, winters are sometimes extreme, with temperatures as low as -30°C in central and western Russia. In eastern Russia, i.e. in the Siberian region, winter temperatures reach minus 75°C every year.

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