If you know more about corrugated boxes, you will realize that nothing about these boxes is “simple”. Any box made from three sheets of paper is a corrugated box. Corrugated boxes are made with the specific requirements of the product or products being packaged in mind. Transport hazards such as vibration, shock waves, pressure, and humidity are also taken into account when designing these boxes. Packaging companies not only take into account the specific needs and requirements of consumers and retailers, but costs are also an important factor in the process. Companies try to keep the cost of these boxes as low as possible, so as not to burden the logistics budget. These companies also take into account specific product characteristics, consumer needs, supply needs, transport needs, and machine capacities when preparing a variety of custom corrugated boxes.

There are the following types

1. Normal slotted box:

This type of box is very common. Here, all the flaps are the same size from one groove to the other. These are ideal for shipping small individual items such as cups, mugs, and books.

2. corrugated cardboard trays:

Basically, these are trays that can hold various items. They are the best choice when the main purpose is to display products. They are also used for easy handling of products. They can also be used as display trays, as the products placed in these trays are easily visible to customers. These trays are ideal for the food and beverage industry. Bottled water, snacks, bakery products, soft drinks, and bulk packaged processed foods are placed on these trays.

3. Customized corrugated boxes with cut-outs:

These boxes are manufactured exactly according to the specifications given by customers. As they can be manufactured according to the size of the product, they have been given the name Custom Box. The boxes are referred to as custom boxes. You can choose a box that best suits your needs.

Custom boxes are vital in the world of packaging. These boxes have the ability to be customized according to the size and shape of the product you want to carry. Customized quality according to the size of the product will save you logistics costs. The thickness of the box can also be customized to ensure adequate security for the product contained in the box. Unique products with special requirements are packed in these boxes. These are better known as ‘cosmetic boxes’ or ‘gift boxes‘.

4. Box with overlapping flaps:

These boxes have overlapping flaps to close the box. By overlapping the flaps, these boxes offer greater strength than traditional boxes with flaps. If you are concerned about transporting long products, these boxes offer a solution to this problem. They are ideal for transporting large and long products. Heavy and bulky items such as pipes, awnings, fabric rolls, and heavy machinery can be safely packed and transported in these boxes.

5. Roll End Tuck Top:

No glue is used in these boxes. When assembling these non-laminated boxes, they must be folded. These boxes are the best solution for packing and transporting small items. They are ideal for packaging vitamins, coffee, retail, and tea.

6. Box without flap:

Flapless boxes are versatile. Not only can you transport goods with these boxes, but thanks to the open-top, you can store products and easily see the contents of the box. Maybe you’ve accumulated a lot of products in your shop and don’t know where to put them? With these boxes, not only can you easily transport items, but you can also store and display them clearly. You’ll easily find these items when you need them.

7. Five-sided box:

These have five sides in one box, unlike traditional five-sided boxes. These five sides have more puncture resistance and weight. They are also ideal for transporting very long products such as aluminum tubes, poles, roofs, antennas, beams, or cabinets. They are also ideal for transporting utensils. You can also transport items for your favorite hobby, such as golf. In short, you can use them to safely and securely carry all kinds of long objects.

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