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What gives us an aged appearance are the dramatic changes that occur in the fat and bones of the face over the years. There are ‘palliatives’. To get best services contact us at Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Skin Wrinkles

Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi
Dermatology clinic in Abu Dhabi

We say a person is to age not when their skin wrinkles. But when their hopes and dreams wrinkle. But the reality is that, in just tenths of a second. Our brain is able to recognize when a person is young and when he has ceased to be so.

And struck by the moment when young people begin to treat us of you. What are the changes that occur in our face? So that we can quickly tell if a person is young or old? In youth, the face is triangle-shaped (with the base at the top). As we age, the face evolves into a rectangle.

Shape Of the Face with Age

When a person is young the shape of his face is that of a triangle with the base at the top. As we age, the shape of the face changes to finally have a rectangular shape. There are two main reasons why this happens. The changes in the fat of the face and changes in the bones of the face.

Face Fat

We divide Facial fat into compartments or ‘cells’, as described in this study. A young person has all the compartments with full volume. And the skin surface therefore appears shadowless, luminous. As the years go by, these compartments age and ‘shrink’. And losing volume in an uncoordinated way. That is, sequentially. First the volume of fat around the eyes begins to decrease. Years later the one around the mouth and so on. For all these reasons, with age ‘shadows’ and more depressed areas appear in certain parts of the face, such as dark circles or furrows around the mouth.

The Bones Change

In addition to changes in facial fat. There is another phenomenon that is crucial in the aging of our face: significant changes in its bones. For example, the orbit, the space where the eyes are. This becomes larger and deeper over the years, causing the eyes to sink.

Bone Resorption

The upper and lower jaw bone, where the teeth are located, thins with age. In a process we call bone resorption. This is the main reason the nose, as it loses its ‘support’. And ‘falls off’ over the years. This bone loss also explains why we are progressively losing our chin and jaw. All these changes have discovered recently. By studies using scans or CAT scans. To see the evolution of the anatomy of the fat and bones of the face during aging.

Sun Cause of Aging

Dermatologists always blame the sun as the main cause of aging. This is true if we refer exclusively to the skin. Since the sun produces premature wrinkles, spots, veins. And loss of skin freshness. But what really makes us look older are these changes in the fat and bones of the face. This loss of fat and bone makes our face ‘slouch’ over the years.

Therefore, people with good facial bone structure age better. While people with weak bone structure (small cheekbones or underdeveloped jaw) have premature facial aging. This information also explains why people who gain weight at a certain age have a better face. Since they ‘fill in’ those facial fat compartments.

Do Not Lose All

In short, the culprits behind our facial aging are the dramatic changes that occur in the fat. And especially in the facial bones. Is there anything we can do to prevent these changes? Yes. There are people who inherit magnificent bone structure. But cannot choose genetics. For the fat compartments to age harmoniously, maintaining an adequate weight is vital. And so that the bones do not ‘thin’ prematurely.

Aesthetic Dermatology

It is crucial to follow a proper diet or take supplements if necessary. And finally, we can use aesthetic dermatology to prevent and compensate for these changes. These anatomical changes that can alleviate our face suffers through injectable substances. It is essential that the doctors who use these injectables as a rejuvenation technique. The fillers, collagen inducers, tension threads, etc. We know the anatomy of fat and bone to try to compensate them at their origin.

‘Natural’ Look

We can inject Fillers into areas where we have lost fat and bone. And the threads can ‘reposition’ sagging fabrics. The prudent and anatomical use of these materials can help prevent aging in a natural and effective way. Sometimes in order to have a ‘natural’ look you must take advantage of the advances in modern dermatology.

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