Making cosmetic changes to alter the shape of a facial feature is common enough. Commonly known as plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, a facelift and/or nose job are the most common procedures performed across the length and breadth of the country. Known as Rhinoplasty in medical parlance, you will have to undergo surgery to alter the shape and size of your nose. The surgeon will modify the underlying bone structure along with the cartilage to provide you with a nose that meets your expectations.

Reasons to opt for rhinoplasty

  • Changing the size of the nose
  • Changing the angle
  • Straightening the bridge
  • Refining / reshaping the tip
  • Making the wide nostrils narrow and neater

The surgeon will advise waiting for a few years until the nasal bone is fully developed. This is essential when you are eager to get a nose job purely for cosmetic reasons. However, rhinoplasty may be performed by competent specialists when the existing nasal structure has been hindering proper breathing. Even young children may have to get their noses restructured to ensure the proper functionality of their bodies.

How should you prepare for a nose job?

  • It is essential to remain prepared for the surgical intervention once you are determined to go through it.
  • Make sure to consult a doctor and discuss your goals extensively
  • Be sure to share your medical history and provide the professional with a list of current medications. This will enable the medical professional to decide the outcome of the procedure and minimize the associated risks
  • You will be advised against a nose job if you have been diagnosed with hemophilia or any bleeding disorders
  • Sure, your nose will be inspected up close with both its external and internal structures studied carefully. Moreover, you may be asked to have multiple diagnostic tests done and the reports checked before the surgeon decides to proceed with it
  • You may be asked about additional cosmetic procedures alongside. You may be interested to have your chin or lips enhanced aesthetically at the same time as re-defining your nose. There is no compulsion about getting a cosmetic procedure done, however. It is a personal choice.

Are you a good candidate?

It is normal to be interested in rhinoplasty when you want to change the appearance of the most prominent feature of your face i.e. your nose. You may be concerned about its aesthetic appeal or may want to go through the procedure because you experience breathing difficulties.

You would be an excellent candidate for the so-called nose job when you are between 20 and 40 years of age. However, you are free to get it done up to the age of 70 if you enjoy good health. The final decision should be made after a prolonged and extensive consultation with an ENT specialist or cosmetic surgeon experienced in performing such procedures.

You would be able to find the results once the swelling and bruising on the outer surface of your nose goes down following Rhinoplasty.  

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