Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan
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TOP medical Colleges in Kazakhstan

When looking for better prospects for their MBBS profession, Pakistani medical hopefuls are increasingly choosing Kazakhstan as their destination. It is crucial to be aware of the advantages offered by each college in terms of education and skill development while selecting a reputable medical institute in Kazakhstan. It will be a complete waste of time and money if the institute lacks adequate facilities. Consequently, we are listing the Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan.

Regarding Kazakhstan

Beautiful Kazakhstan borders Kyrgyzstan, China, and Russia on its land border. It is the most economical location to study MBBS abroad and one of the biggest landlocked nations in the world.

Kazakhstan is the ideal country for Pakistani students to study MBBS courses due to its widely respected educational system, use of cutting-edge teaching techniques, and technology.

Nur Sultan’s capital (Astana)

Language Kazakh

primary religions

Islam and Christianity

2,724,900 square kilometers

18,711,560 people (2020)

Tenge, a currency (KZT)

The exchange rate is 1 RS = 5.86 KZT.


Kazakhstan has a low population density, yet the country’s transportation infrastructure is efficient and well-managed. All relevant modes of transportation, including airplanes, buses, minibusses, rental vehicles, taxis, trolley buses, and subways, connect the entire nation. Local trains and metros are the finest ways to see Kazakhstan. As a result, Pakistani students who travel to Kazakhstan to enroll in MBBS programs never feel cut off from urbanization.


Kazakhstan’s culture is mostly influenced by two nations: Russia and China. Respect for both society and visitors is evident here. Additionally, Kazakhstan is renowned for its exquisite handicrafts, embroidery work on saddlecloths, and the Dastarkhan cuisine it serves to visitors.


Despite Kazakh and Russian being the nation’s official languages. The majority of people in Kazakhstan speak Russian, which is spoken by about 95% of the population. However, since many people in Kazakhstan are also from Germany, Turkey, and Iran, English is also becoming more widely spoken there. At the moment, this is due to the growing diversity of the population. Thus, there won’t be any linguistic difficulties for Pakistani students studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Why has Kazakhstan become more well-liked among medical students in Pakistan?

Without a doubt, Kazakhstan has become a comfort for Pakistani medical aspirants who are unable to enroll in private medical schools due to hefty capitation fees or who do not pass the MDCAT exam to obtain a seat in government universities.

Around 17 million medical hopefuls take the MDCAT-UG entrance test each year, competing for 80,000 available spots.

Assume that 8 lakh candidates pass the MDCAT test and that the top candidate with 650 or more marks receives all of the seats. The MDCAT-UG 2020 cutoff was 138 for general categories and 108 for reserved categories, but neither group would be given a seat in a government college.

Top-ranking students can enroll in any government medical college in Pakistan (approx 40,000 seats are in government colleges and the rest 40,000 are in private medical colleges).

Some students who can afford the exorbitant tuition costs and donations (between 70 lakh and 1 crore) enroll in private colleges.

Have you ever given the actions of the other students any thought?

About 1-1.5 lakh people prefer to study medicine abroad each year. The current situation is that many nations offer MBBS degrees abroad, but some, like Russia, Georgia, and Ukraine, offer 6-year medical degrees, while others, like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, give 5-year MBBS degrees.

Kazakhstan, which is close to Pakistan, offers a five-year MBBS program in which all of the college-taught subjects adhere to the Pakistani medical curriculum. As a result, Kazakhstan has emerged as a popular destination for Pakistani students opting into MBBS programs abroad.

MD physician MBBS degree

Private and public universities are both available.

4.8 years plus a year of internship

14 to 25 lakhs in your budget

certified by MDCAT Cutoff

Instructional method

Russian as well as English

separating from Pakistan

A direct flight from Pakistan takes 3:30 hours.

On-campus hostel location

What benefits do College Clue applicants have while pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan?

MBBS degrees have been out of reach for many students due to the extremely high costs associated with private medical institutes in Pakistan. However, thanks to the partnership between College Clue and Kazakhstan’s medical universities, the complete course is now so reasonably priced that any middle-class family may readily enroll in it.

English as the primary language of instruction: The majority of medical schools in Kazakhstan provide a completely English-based curriculum, but several also offer bilingual programs where some classes are taught in English and others in Russian. The top medical school in Kazakhstan that solely offers instruction in English can be found with the aid of College Clue.

Pakistani Faculty: Although all faculty members are respected, particularly by Pakistani students, we offer Pakistani faculty members at medical institutes in Kazakhstan. because when attending lectures from various lecturers, sometimes students have accent issues.

Direct Admission: You won’t be required to pay a contribution or capitation fee when you use College Clue to apply for an MBBS at one of Kazakhstan’s medical schools. In Kazakhstan, you can study MBBS at a very low cost.

Simple admission process: All you need to get admitted is a certified MDCAT scorecard and a few essential documents, such as a passport or a proof of completion for your 12th-grade education. You can simply gain admission to the college of your choice.

Simple visa application: We guarantee a simple application with a 100% success record. To complete your visa application as quickly as possible, we will take on all of your document duties.

Pakistani dining facility: We make sure that students may get wholesome Pakistani meals while doing their MBBS overseas. To have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on schedule, there will be a set fee.

Separate Hostel Facility: For our candidates, we arrange for a separate housing. Under these perks, boys and girls can stay with their countrymates in newly renovated, separate hostels.

Kazakhstan universities with PMC recognition list

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s International Medical School, UIB (IMS Almaty)

The medical college’s “Smart Medicine” program is well-known. IMS Almaty graduates from Pakistan claim that the educational experience there is comparable to that of Pakistani medical colleges, but with five more flexible budgets.

The institute has established its leadership in the provision of highly qualified medical professionals who can adhere to international standards and work anywhere in the world. A candidate can predict with IMS that they will finish their MBBS degree within RS 15 lakh.

Year of foundation: 1992

Semi-Government university type

Almaty, Kazakhstan is where

Compatible with PMC Gazette 2021

Totally Compliant

100+ students from Pakistan

20th-ranked nation

RS 15 thousand in total budget

WHO, FAIMER, and PMC accreditation

Pakistani cuisine and lodging


Kazakhstan’s Astana Medical University

It is under the umbrella of Kazakhstan’s reasonably priced medical schools. The main justification for selecting Astana Medical University is that it is situated in Kazakhstan’s capital city, namely Nur Sultan (Astana). One of the key reasons medical applicants choose any college is to study MBBS there since it provides all the current amenities needed to develop one’s whole personality.

A great blend of academic and practical knowledge is taught to students in a welcoming setting provided by the institution. The college has partnerships with different foreign medical universities through which initiatives like student exchange have been implemented for the academic improvement of students.

National Medical University of Kazakhstan

One of the universities that take into account what the present needs of the youth are is the Kazakh National Medical University. It is one of the oldest medical education institutions in the nation and has a strong track record of producing the greatest outcomes. With a 96 percent employment graduating rate, it earned the title of National University in 2001. This indicates that 96 out of 100 students are succeeding in their medical careers.

The 90-year-old medical university is renowned for its distinctive teaching methods and creative approach, which enable it to consistently provide the greatest academic results. Together, these factors entice students from Pakistan and other countries to enroll here.

State University of North Kazakhstan

North Kazakhstan State University is one of the oldest institutions and is renowned for its co-ed system, despite the fact that the majority of universities in Kazakhstan are co-ed. With more than eight decades of educational experience, this institute offers comprehensive education using cutting-edge teaching techniques. The institution also participates in various prestigious international partnership programs for knowledge exchange, and numerous scientific research initiatives are being carried out.

In 2001, it was given the designation “state medical university,” and since then, it has grown to be a top destination for students looking for MBBS prospects abroad. To give its medical students more practical exposure, it has a fantastic network of connected hospitals.

Semey State University of Medicine

One of the medical schools where students can learn a lot with a contemporary approach is Semey State Medical University. The WHO, MCI, and Kazakhstan’s ministry of science education all acknowledge it. It has a long history and contributes to the advancement of medicine and the maintenance of the healthcare system.

Since the university’s General Medicine Faculty was established in 2003, it has become a popular destination for medical aspirants opting for MBBS abroad and MBBS in Kazakhstan. Behind its outstanding academic achievements are seasoned professors and instructors that monitor each applicant individually and make sure they receive the best education possible to improve their skill set.

Kazakhstan Medical Academy in the South

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy has established itself as a center dedicated to providing excellent instruction and is renowned for its cutting-edge research. It has consistently ranked among Kazakhstan’s top 10 medical universities. The academy has a highly skilled teaching team that includes seasoned academics, researchers, and instructors with international recognition.

The university has a very diverse student body, and each year, students from over 57 different nations enroll in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

Almaty’s Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Among Kazakhstan’s other medical universities, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University’s Almaty campus is one of the biggest; it spans 100 hectares in the middle of the city. It belongs to the group of Kazakhstan’s oldest medical institutions.

Additionally, it collaborates with other medical institutions on student exchange programs and education sharing with organizations like ASIIN, ACQUIN, AQA, and FIBAA.

The University of Medicine of West Kazakhstan

By supplying the world with talented and skilled medical personnel, the West Kazakhstan State Medical University is renowned for its enormous contribution to the medical healthcare system. WKSMU graduates are doing well in their medical careers and giving back to society. It has had tremendous academic progress and elevated to the top of the list for those looking to pursue an MBBS abroad.

Students receive a high-quality education at the institution, and they participate in research endeavors related to pediatrics, surgery, biological issues, therapy, etc.

Karagandy’s Karaganda State Medical University

An excellent institution managed by the minister of higher education is Karaganda State Medical University. The primary draw of this university is its use of cutting-edge technology and laboratories stocked with cutting-edge tools and instruments.

The college places more of an emphasis on practical study methods than theoretical ones, which improves students’ prospects of finding rewarding possibilities in both schooling and higher-paying professions. More than 100 teachers, professors, and specialists who are all proficient in teaching the English language make up its teaching staff, helping to reduce the language barrier.

The Bottom Line

Don’t limit yourself to Pakistan alone if you want to receive an education in the modern information age. You can quickly investigate global opportunities now in any industry.

We are aware of the fierce competition among Pakistani medical students. Students are now being drawn to MBBS abroad opportunities in order to avoid this pointless competition, and Kazakhstan has emerged as the top choice country for Pakistani students worldwide.

Keep the suggested medical universities in Kazakhstan on your Wishlist if you’re looking for MBBS study abroad opportunities, and select the ideal one.

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