MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Pakistani students

Kazakhstan is a growing destination for students wishing to study medicine in the region. It is the richest and most important country with the nickname “Stans”. Historically, it is a culturally diverse country; according to the 2009 census, approximately 63% of the population is native Kazakh.

This global element is also an important feature of the country’s higher education system, and international exchange and cooperation are increasingly important for Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions, which are eager to welcome intercontinental academics and students from around the world.

MBBS in Kazakhstan – at a glance

Astana (Nur-Sultan), the capital city.

The largest city, Almaty

Flight connections from New Delhi Direct flights to Almaty

Top-rated universities Kazakh National Medical University

University with the lowest tuition fees Medical Academy of South Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan MBBS 2022 Eligibility Criteria.

Minimum scores in categories 10 and 12. 50% standard for PCB in category 12.

Minimum age 17 years.

Ranking of universities offering MBBS programs in Kazakhstan.

These universities offer MBBS programs to students from all over the world.

Medical State University of Kazakhstan

Farabi Kazakh National University

Astana Medical University

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Any MBBS student studying in this country is eligible for an MD degree, the Pakistani equivalent of an MBBS. The program does not take much time. Start now and graduate in 5 years. Students from all over the world find it easy to learn and communicate, as teaching and communication are in English. However, to qualify for MBBS in Kazakhstan, students must score 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology in 10+2 exams. If you meet all these requirements, you can get an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan!

The affordable cost of MBBS studies in Kazakhstan.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable, making it a popular choice for both Pakistani and foreign students. Below is a list of the costs associated with starting MBBS in the Kazakhstan Fee Structure.

The annual tuition fee ranges from USD 3,600 to USD 5,700.

The annual hostel fee is USD 600.

MBBS fee structure 2022 for admission to Astana Medical University

Tuition fee US$3700

Hostel fees US$700

Health insurance US$180.

Visa extension $100

Fee structure for MBBS 2022 at Kazakhstan State Medical University

First Year

Tuition fee $4,600

Housing costs $700

Health insurance $180

Visa renewal $100

MBBS fee structure for 2022 at Seme State University

First year

Tuition fee $3700

Housing costs $700

Health insurance $180

Visa renewal $100

South Kazakhstan Medical School tuition structure for 2022 Entry

First Year

Tuition fee $3950

Housing Costs $700

Health Insurance $100

Visa extension $100

Admission requirements for the MBBS program in Kazakhstan.

Applicants seeking admission to the Medical University of Kazakhstan must meet the following requirements.

Students must hold valid passports.

Applicants must be at least 17 years old by the application deadline (December 31).

Applicants must have completed a 10+2 course from an accredited institution, including biology, chemistry, physics, and English with a minimum of 50% marks.

Important information if you are planning to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has become a new destination for Pakistani students who want to study MBBS. Kazakhstan offers a program for students of modest means who want to study MBBS abroad. There is also a large number of hospitals associated with institutions of higher learning. Students who complete their studies at these MBBS colleges receive an MD degree. This degree has the same significance as the MBBS degree in Pakistan.

In addition, Kazakhstan has several NMC-accredited universities, so there are many international students from all over the world. The faculty is well trained and provides quality education to its students, striving to apply modern technology.

Kazakhstan: Important details about studying mbbs in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a great place to study, and MBBS University has state-of-the-art facilities. Best of all, MBBS College attracts mostly international students, and graduates can work in different parts of the world, depending on their preferences.

The admission procedure is also straightforward and there are a large number of NMC-recognized colleges in Kazakhstan. The biggest issue that students might worry about if they want to study here is that the teaching is not in English. But you need not worry, the medium they use while teaching is only English.

Since you are looking for cheap MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan, we have also brought them for you.

The first university on the list is Kazakhstan State Medical University. The course duration is 5+1 years. The first-year fee is $6,300 and the remaining five years are $500, making a total of $26,300.

The next one is Alfarabi Kazakh National University. The duration of this program is 5 years. The cost of the first year is $6,100 and the cost of the remaining five years is $5,190. Therefore, the total cost is US$26,860.

The third medical school is South Kazakhstan Medical School. The registration fee for the first year of the course is US$5,000 and for the following years US$4,300. As this is a five-year course, the final cost is US$22,200.

Fourthly, Semey Medical University is one of the famous MBBS universities. The fee for the first year is US$5,200 and the continuing fee for the next four years is US$4,200. The duration of the program is 5+1 years.

Finally, Astana Medical University is a recognized MBBS university in Kazakhstan. The course lasts for five years. At this university, the course costs $3,700 for five years. So the total amount is $18,500.

The best thing about the above colleges is that they are all NMC accredited.

We also have a short answer as to why you should study MBBS in Kazakhstan

All MBBS colleges follow a simple admission procedure – unlike many other universities abroad with complicated admission procedures, Kazakhstan does not have one. The admission procedure is much easier to understand and follow.

Secondly, the standard of living in Kazakhstan is very affordable – due to the huge tuition fees charged by many private Pakistani universities, the cost of living is insufficient. But when a Pakistani student gets admitted to an MBBS university in Kazakhstan, he or she does not have to face such problems. Why, you ask? It is because of the budget-friendly fee structure, which allows people to save enough to live there.

Another important reason is that universities swear that the mode of communication is English – and since communication is necessary for better understanding, universities in Kazakhstan ensure that all their international students understand this concept, and therefore they prefer to use English as the mode of teaching.

These are the reasons why you should consider seeking admission to MBBS schools in Kazakhstan. So, plan your schedule and achieve a successful medical career by seeking admission to one of the best medical schools in Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan is a great destination for students from all over the world to study MBBS in any medical school they want. this is your chance to achieve maximum success in your medical career. Start now and broaden your horizons after graduation!

MBBS in Kazakhstan – is it worth considering?

The majority of students who want to study MBBS and obtain an elite degree with sustainable quality at the lowest possible price has increased. Many students want to study medicine and benefit from it in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, due to various reasons and issues, the aspirations of these aspirants are never realized. Some of these issues are high tuition fees and high living costs. Some students can afford these fees, but for many students, it is difficult to pay. Pakistani graduates in particular face the problem of not being accepted into the medical institution of their choice or experiencing financial setbacks.

In response to all these issues, Kazakhstan has established a program to study MBBS for disadvantaged students. In this article, you will find all the information you need to study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

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