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A Guide to NLP Training

There are a plethora of NLP Coaching Academy in Dubai, offers, and training experts available online. With so many alternatives, how will you know who to train with and where to get honest information on the courses available?

Consider these factors when making your choice.

1) What is your NLP aims?

Some people simply want to understand more about NLP and its potential benefits. If this is the case, there are excellent tools accessible on the internet to help you learn NLP Coaching Academy in Dubai. Avoid frenetic websites promising personal power, mental mastery, and thrilling interactions. Seek out high-quality blogs and websites. There is also McKenna-Bandler-Breen (MBB), John Seymour Associates (JSA), Inspire NLP (Inspire NLP), SNLP (SNLP), Institute NLP (NLP Academy), and of course Richard Bandler (RB).

If you want further information, attend a one-day lecture or workshop. This should give you a good concept of NLP. An NLP Trainer or Registered Practitioner can almost always answer your queries or point you in the right direction if no workshops are offered in your region.

A Practitioner Training course is required if you want to use NLP in your work or business, or if you want to be a Coach or Therapist.

2) No two courses are alike

Currently, there is no one accrediting body for NLP. So, in terms of what they teach, training bodies might be a law unto themselves. Devout NLP practitioners and master practitioners have agreed on minimal content standards for each level of NLP training (Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer).

The primary points of conflict seem to be delivery style and lesson duration.

You’ll learn about ‘online’ and ‘mail’ courses.

If you don’t engage with others under the guidance of a trainer, how can you learn communication patterns, intervention techniques, and rapport-building skills?

‘Intense classes’ can last from one to seven days.

On the good side, you’ll finish the obligatory training. Where can you find the time to study your discoveries, let alone execute them confidently? Most trainers who provide these “intensive courses” stress the importance of pre-learning and the “speed at which the unconscious mind can learn.” Personal development, internalization of approaches, and re-evaluation of personal beliefs and attitudes require aid, care, and patience, according to this author and trainer. True, NLP techniques may be learned fast, but NLP’s spirit comes from sharing and exploring experiences with others.

You’ll learn about the 20-day ‘long courses.’

The purpose of these courses is always to create space for reflection within the learning. Unlike the 7-day intensives, these courses often require more work in the form of personal learning diaries, research projects, and case studies.

According to several professional training authorities and NLP groups, professional-level Practitioner Training takes at least 20 days. So, if you’re considering a long-term involvement in the NLP community, consider this.

3) Consider the trainers

Who will oversee your education?

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to take intensive courses without continual access to them. In actuality, the’ master’ usually gives an introduction, followed by some demonstrations. The rest of the lesson will be guided by assistants. You may also be one of 80 or more trainees hoping to gain personal, helpful feedback from the trainer at such ‘celebrity-led’ training events.

Who are they?

They will be able to modify the course’s content and “feel” as well as their NLP credentials. A sales or business teacher will often utilize similar situations as examples and anecdotes. A trainer with experience in education or therapy will draw on their knowledge. If your focus or interests match the trainer’s, you will likely receive more out of the course.

b) The course is directly proportional to the money you put into it.

There are three investment options here.

First, monetary.

An NLP Practitioner Training Course may not be cheap. The average Practitioner Level course costs around £2,800. It’s worth asking about group size, trainer monitoring, and whether the course satisfies minimal criteria. (These are available on the internet, however, Inspire NLP may provide more material.)

Is the training organization willing to accept flexible payment options?

The second is about time.

This comprises the workshop and trainer-led teaching, as well as the personal diary and project work required by the course. Not all NLP courses necessitate this. If they don’t, you might want to think about whether the course and the trainer are actually helping you learn and grow.

Are you willing to work hard to finish the course?

That leaves the third portion.

Are you ready to own your journey? Inspire NLP and Institute NLP students have all expressed gratitude for how the education has “changed their life” and “relationships with others.”

Learning NLP changes people, whether they become NLP coaches or therapists or not.


Most, if not all, NLP Trainers and Training Organizations will gladly answer your questions. Don’t rely solely on their brochure or website. Make contact and, if necessary, arrange a brief chat.

Ask the instructor…

Throughout the course, they will be supported, supervised, and coached.

the course’s workshop activities and homework assignments

lowest and largest group sizes

It would be good to chat with someone who has attended the program.

what their past NLP students have done after training

if the trainer has contributed to non-company publications, research, or training

You can learn about the course leader by talking to them.

You’ve made a large financial commitment; your trainer owes you at least some time.

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