Gold Earrings Discover hoops, studs, cuffs and more made from the highest quality materials. Dazzle your friends and family on the holiday season with the ideal gifts for everyone.

1.DIY gifts

There are so many great, unique DIY projects you can create for family and friends. Learn to crochet, knit, paint or even make a festive wreath. These ideas will keep your friends and family entertained during the holidays.

2. Reusable shopping bags

If your friends and family are very eco-friendly, they will appreciate eco-friendly shopping bags made from recycled bottles. These reusable bags are strong and light. They will help you save money on plastic shopping bags and help the environment at the same time. These bags are not only very stylish, they are made from a strong plastic that will last.

3.Relaxing in Hawaii

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, a trip to Hawaii will do the trick. Aloha Awa is offering great deals on the island of Oahu for the holiday season. Stay at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai for 10 percent off and book a package. Enjoy a stress-free getaway.

4. Cheap vodka

Nothing beats cheap vodka at the holidays. Amazon has tons of options, and they can be found for under $20. For the alcoholic drinker, look no further. You can also look to the online site for its cheap bottle options. You can also check out your local liquor store, but keep in mind that alcohol is still a “family affair.”

5. Homemade home gifts

DIY is the best! For the non-crafty, making Christmas presents that your loved ones actually want can be difficult. Get the chance to make gifts your kids and friends will love with homemade playdough, cookie cutters or cozy blankets.

6. International gifts

Looking for unique Christmas presents for your friends and family across the world? Gift cards can be pricey, so give the gift of the gift of something different. From exotic spices to personalized gifts, international gifts are perfect for the holidays. Travel companies like are a great option to help you gift someone the world. The company will even ship your gifts to your recipient.

7. Weird but awesome

I don’t know about you, but I always love an excuse to buy something a little out of the ordinary. It may be interesting or weird, but there is a reason your friends would love it. Some of the coolest gifts I’ve seen this year include Swiss Army knives, bib overalls, lucky socks and socks with interesting sayings on them. I love unique items that are also useful and thoughtful.These seven easy ideas will definitely inspire you and make your Christmas shopping easier.


These are our top picks for gifts that will delight any discerning friend or family member.
Floral Blazer: Everlane’s Swedish Wool Cotton Blazer is a sleek and stylish blazer perfect for men and women. A must have for stylish women. This blazer will be so hard to find in the spring!
Decorative Clock: This quirky clock makes a stunning gift for a friend who likes to be on time. The humorous theme is fun and the clock is functional, but the best part is that the bakers are just as cute as the clock.

Acrylic Tablet Holder: Give a friend a fun, functional gift with a simple piece of art. The acrylic tray is less than $15 and available in pink, gold or gray. The acrylic design is colorful and the star shape is fun.
Girly Caps: Homemade gifts are the best! Give the gift of a gift with a little extra something, a personalized cap. Each cap is made with a stencil design and is made in New York City.
And, of course, tech:

Coffee Mug: The Bakeware Collection Coffee Mug is great for coffee fans, but it is a great gift for the person who loves a good cup of joe. This gift is made from BPA-free silicone and even comes with a cup.
Camera Bag: One of the best gifts you can give someone is a camera bag, and the J-Craft Camera Bag is one of the best bags for travelers. This camera bag has everything a photographer needs in a bag that is not only practical, but stylish.

Fabric: 3D Fabric Co. offers a wide variety of gift items in all sizes. The personalized gifts are perfect for anyone on your list who loves new items.

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