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Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind. The condition takes both physical and emotional toll on all those suffering from it. It causes a significant dent in the finances of the patients and their families.  

There are about 12 Lakh new cases every year in India, out of which 8 Lakh lose their battle against this deadly disease. Getting timely treatment from the best cancer hospitals in India can give patients a fighting chance to recover from this condition.

All the major cities in the country have some of the best cancer hospitals providing comprehensive treatment against the disease.  The treatment provided by these hospitals, though on the higher side, is affordable considering the severity of the condition. 

Types of Cancer Treated in India 

The cancer hospitals in the country treat many types of cancers. Hospitals like the BLK-Max Super Specialty offers treatment for the following types of cancers: 

  1. Radiation Therapy
  2. Surgical Treatment 
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Surgical Treatment 
  5. Immunotherapy
  6. Clinical Trials 
  7. Bone Marrow Transplant 
  8. Hormone Therapy
  9. Radiofrequency Ablation 
  10. Targeted Drug Therapy

There are several treatment protocols in India for cancer treatment. 

  • Primary Treatment: This treatment aims to kill or remove cancer cells.
  • Adjuvant Treatment: The treatment targets the cancer cells that remain after the primary treatment. 
  • Palliative Treatment: This treatment offers patients symptomatic relief caused due to cancer treatment or cancer tumors. 

The course of the cancer treatment depends on the size of the tumor, the cancer type, the affected organ(s), and the patient’s age. Hospitals, such as the BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, offer various cancer treatments for patients who have severe cancer. They opt for this treatment to prevent cancer from spreading to the healthy organs.  

The Cost for Treatment in India 

India’s minimum breast cancer treatment cost is INR 90,000, the average cost is INR 5, 00,000, and the maximum cost is INR 27, 50,000. The cost of cancer treatment in the country depends on the following factors:

  1. Oncologist Fee.
  2. Type of Hospital. 
  3. Patient’s Age. 
  4. Admission Fee.
  5. The organ/part of the body that is affected.  
  6. The patient’s medical condition.
  7. The post-procedure complications. 
  8. The type of cancer treatment.
  9. Admission room opted by the patients.
  10. Pathological tests and screenings as advised.

Considering the above factors, the cost of cancer treatment comes in the range of INR 1 Lakh to INR 30 Lakhs.  

Why Choose BLK-Max Hospital for Cancer Treatment?

BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital is one of the leading and trusted hospitals in the country offering comprehensive cancer treatment. They also offer seamless, integrated, world-class, and comprehensive healthcare service providers across the country. They have 14 hospitals across the country and offer treatment in 29 specialties. 

The hospital has developed many holistic strategies to combat and prevent cancer. It is done by combining state-of-art facilities and technologies, which are the latest advances under patient-focused treatment, backed by a supportive and empathetic environment. The hospital brings in world-class expertise of clinicians to address the complications and challenges associated with cancer.  

The surgical oncologists work with Reconstructive Micro Vascular Surgeons, Radiologists, and Medical Oncologists, offering effective cancer treatment to patients. BLK-Max Hospital also invests in the latest technologies, which improve cancer treatment and diagnosis.

Patients thus get access to the most competent doctors, the latest techniques and treatments, and a trained team of support specialists.

Cancer Treatment in India: The Best Doctors!

Hospitals, such as BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, have some of the best doctors that offer effective cancer treatments. Some of them are:

  • Dr. S Hukku: Dr.Hukku is well-known in the country. He specializes in Radiation Oncology and is widely acknowledged for his patient-centric and versatile approach. He completed his MBBS from Dr. SN Medical College in Jodhpur and his MD from PGI in Chandigarh. He received many awards and served as a member of AROI or the Association of Radiation Oncologists of India
  • Dr.Surendar Kumar Dabas: Dr.Dabas is the Senior Director and HOD [Head of Department] for Robotic Surgery and Surgical Oncology. He specializes in robotic neck and head surgery, robotic GI, gynecological and thoracic, and trans-oral robotic surgery. 


Cancer is a deadly disease that can affect anyone; irrespective of age or gender. It can damage tissues, cells, and organs of your body. To prevent and stop the spread of cancer, you need to opt for effective and top-notch cancer treatment from hospitals, such as BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital. Book an appointment to get world-class cancer treatment from this reputed and trusted hospital.

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