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Does Invisalign Work for Open Bites?

Invisalign for Open Bites
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How does Invisalign correct open bite?

An open bite is a malocclusion that happens when there is a space between the top and bottom front teeth due to misalignment. Most commonly, this dental mishap is fixed with traditional braces. But with Invisalign, the treatment for this condition is minimally invasive and comes with less stress. This post will explain what an open bite is and how Invisalign works to correct the condition with zero need for dental surgery or braces.

Defining an open bite

An open bite is a form of malocclusion – a word used to describe teeth misalignment in dental practice. You have an open bite when your top and bottom front teeth don’t make contact in a bite. Due to this non-uniformity, people may feel self-conscious anytime they open their mouths to smile or speak.

How does an open bite start?

An open bite may be totally dental or skeletal in nature. Sometimes, it may be that because your parents had an open bite, you too have the issue. Your brothers or sisters may have this problem as well. At other times, an open bite is caused by improper oral care as a child or an adult.

Some habits could commonly cause an open bite. They include:

  • Tongue thrusting. This is caused by a wrong style of swallowing.
  • Thumb sucking. Some persons suck their bottom lip, thumb, or first two fingers in childhood.
  • Ill-postured tongue. Here, the tongue is always in contact with the teeth at the front.

How do you know you have an open bite?

It is clearly noticed that the top and bottom teeth don’t meet in a bite when one has an open bite. This condition has other signs, including:

  • Inability to swallow and chew comfortably
  • Poorly aligned teeth
  • Non-conforming jawline and chin
  • Inability to keep the mouth close
  • Difficulty speaking; lisping may be imminent
  • Loss of bone
  • Loss of gum
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder

Is correcting an open bite important?

Absolutely! Granted, an open bite may not start disturbing you right away. Still,immediate treatment is advised to keep your emotional and physical sanity. So, when you see signs of an open bite, get in touch with Smile Works Dental. Our well-trained orthodontist will examine you and proffer effective solution, so you don’t end up with complications like:

  • Problems with speaking
  • Sleeping problems
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Biting and chewing difficulty

Can an open bite be fixed with Invisalign?

Of course, an open bite can get fixed with Invisalign. Yes, it is not simple to correct an open bite, but we will perform an extensive diagnosis at our practice. We will tell you how Invisalign will work to treat your open bite. After getting a 3D model of your teeth, our orthodontist will let you see pictures of the result of Invisalign treatment on previous patients and pictures of their condition before correction.

Invisalign is a clear aligner system that is useful in teeth straightening. The way Invisalign works is unique. You need to understand this to better imagine how this orthodontic treatment can work. There is no wire-to-bracket arrangement with Invisalign as it’s typical for conventional braces. You have a fine set of moulded plastic trays designed to fit around each tooth and move them until they straighten out.

With the 3D scan done, the bespoke aligners are designed, and for 2 weeks, you have to wear a set of trays. After this period, another set of aligners will be given to you to wear – this one will be quite different from the first in shape. But they all work together to straighten your teeth throughout treatment.

When will Invisalign treatment for open bite be completed?

Invisalign doesn’t take much time to fix an open bite. The consideration is usually how serious the dental problem is. Up to 3 months is enough time to correct a mild open bite with Invisalign. However, a moderate open bite Invisalign treatment could take about 18 months to finish.

How Invisalign makes open bite correction better

So, Invisalign is actually a great solution to open bite, and it’s because of the perks that come with it that other options may not have:

  • Inconspicuous correction:If what you need for your open bite treatment is a solution that works silently, then you’re lucky to have Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treats without allowing people to see that you’re getting treated.
  • It can be removed, and cleaning is simple:You can remove Invisalign aligners. Yes, you heard right! To eat that favourite soup, sip that delicious beverage and clean your teeth, you can take out your aligners and enjoy yourself. The potential of having food debris sticking around clear, removable aligners is extremely low.
  • Bespoke solution:Every aligner in the set is designed following the shape and size of the individual’s tooth. So, you have a system that fits just right and can move your teeth steadily and effectively.
  • Self-esteem is enhanced:With your open bite gone, you will be happier and smile more without any self-consciousness. Who says pictures aren’t better with a healthier smile? That’s the power of Invisalign!
  • Invisalign doesn’t hurt much:This treatment is very gentle with the teeth. As Invisalign moves your teeth into position, you won’t feel so much pain compared to the discomfort braces bring.

Get an Invisalign for open bite consultation at Smile Works Dental

Yes, you can give us a call or go online to schedule a consultation with us. Our consultation goes for £1500, and should treatment be possible with Invisalign. Anyway, at the consultation, Invisalign’s cost will be discussed. Every detail on how Invisalign fixes open bites will be given to you. Starting with a diagnostic check on your teeth condition, we will run a 3D scan and give you a preview of your present and later dental condition based on our proposed treatment plan.

We have some of the finest orthodontists with an eye for quality dental care. Our facility is one of the finest, and we care for all patients with love and attention. Your treatment duration will be told to you plus the total cost of Invisalign treatment in London. You can ring us today, and let’s see how we can be of help.

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