How You can Ask the Doctor for Conducting STD Tests

Did you go to your doctor recently for routine checkups? If yes, then you will know that STD testing is not a part of normal checkup process. When you do not show your concern about having some STDs, the doctor will not discuss about it. Several sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic and undetectable, despite how well the doctor conducts an exam. So, if you think about your sexual well-being but do not know how to ask your doctor about STD test, then you are not alone. Read on to know about getting tested for STDs at your doctor’s clinic.

When you need to undergo necessary tests

Once you experience the symptoms of having an STD, it is already time to conduct necessary tests. Several STDs stay dormant for days, weeks or months. It is necessary to conduct tests for STDs regularly when you have had unsafe sex (anal, oral or vaginal) earlier. When you start searching for a new partner or engage in any kind of sexual activity that allows passing on an STD to your sex partner, then you should discover all your testing options. Otherwise, there is a possibility of getting an STD and you may not even realise it.

How your insurance will cover for the tests

There are some insurance providers who cover for different STD tests while others do not. Few insurance providers will not cover for preventative screening measures and it is not always a good decision to conduct STD test with your insurance. This is because the test results appear on the medical records and will be available to the insurance company.

What STD tests you can ask for to the doctor

Regretfully, it might be tricky to perform the right test at your doctor’s clinic. If you need to undergo comprehensive STD testing for you, then you may request for several tests individually. These are chlamydia, gornorrhea, HIV and herpes. If you worry about a specific STD, then this might not be a cause of concern. But if you do not know what STD you actually have, then this can really be troublesome.

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What happens when the doctor says no to your request for testing STDs?

Some doctors will not agree to your request for testing different STDs. This might be due to several reasons as the doctor won’t believe that you are at greater risk for an STD. Also, getting tested seems to be absolutely unnecessary according to the doctor. They may not even have proper access to a laboratory which can complete the test you request for. They can be under-informed about the recent testing procedures.

So, whatever might be the reason, several doctors perform STD testing in London for you but you should explain them why you really need it. Thus, you might think that the only place to test for different STDs is at the doctor’s clinic. But there are several options to undergo the tests. You may visit your doctor’s clinic when looking for same day STD testing and perform it in a comfortable environment. The results of the test will be given to you as soon as possible.

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