Today, I would like to share an interesting fact with you people. Very few of us realize that Islam is the latest religion to come on planet Earth. It is a wholesome religion as its commandments cover every aspect of life and are closely related to human nature. One such beautiful part of Islam is the respect and status it gave to women. Abaya is not just a dress code in Islam, it is much more than that.

What Is a Hijab?

Hijab means to cover. In literal meaning, an abaya is a loose dress that covers the female body such that none of the figures shows. Women like to pair it up with a headscarf or even cover their faces with a hijab or a veil. Unfortunately, the world has a lot of misconceptions about the hijab or abaya in Islam. It is considered oppression and a burden on Muslim Women. A danger to their independence, which is not true at all.

Let’s discuss the importance of the Hijab in Islam;

A Recognition:

Muslim women were asked to cover up so that, they can easily identify as Muslims. It was just a way to tell the respect that a Muslim Woman deserves. It also shows how they stand out and are different from other women.

A Symbol of Piety:

An abaya is considered as the dress of pious women. In today’s time, where non-Muslim women have become a symbol of sexuality and lust, an abaya symbolizes the piety, elegance, and poise of a Muslima.

Sense Of Security:

It is not a hidden fact that women never feel safe in men’s concentrated areas. Whether they are markets, workplaces, or even educational institutes, women have to deal with nasty stares and men ogling at their bodies. Not every man but sadly a lot of them fail to give women the respect our religion has instilled upon us. Thus, covering up makes women feel safe and more empowered. Indeed, a hijab encourages women to move freely in society without any fear. Now, we know that Abaya is not just a piece of clothing but holds great importance in Islam.

Abaya Serves Modesty:

It is necessary to understand that an abaya is not just a piece of black cloth that prevents a woman from dressing up or looking beautiful. As long as it serves the purpose of modesty, no religion forbids the basic right of a woman to look pretty. As a matter of fact, it just protects that beauty.

Modernization Of Abayas:

Moreover, with changing times, abaya has also modernized. Many brands have introduced abaya collections. In fact, we see a lot of Abaya shops in Lahore with price. Further, many online abaya shops in Lahore are now working where you can check abaya collections with prices. Designers have now brought abayas in different colors. They have embellished them with delicate embroideries. Even handwork of pearls, mirrors, and sequence is trending. Women not only wear abaya on regular days but also do it at festivals and weddings.

You can also find a lot of variety and types of Hijabs in the abaya shops in Lahore. Hijab caps, printed, dyed, silk, cotton, or even embroidered hijabs are available. You can always decorate them with jeweled brooches, pins, and other pieces of head jewelry. A fancy belt also adds up to the look. On the ending note, the abaya is not oppression or suppression of any woman’s rights. It’s a choice any woman can make either to feel protected or in obedience to her faith.

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