Built-in batteries are now everywhere. The journey of these rechargeable batteries started with mobile devices and laptops, and now they are making their way into cars. Sure, Lithium ion batteries degrade as they age and no matter what you do, they will keep on decreasing in power capacity. However, if there is one thing that you can do is slow the process. The same battery technology goes in iPhones as well and with a few adjustments you can avoid making these iPhone charging mistakes to prolong battery life.

Charging Mistakes That Ruin an iPhone

Your iPhone is a precious device for you. It runs all your tasks and no matter what you ask of it in terms of apps, entertainment, and communication, the iPhone is by your side. However, certain chagrin mistakes will lead you to when your iPhone doesn’t even last half a day. You may notice that with time the Apple smartphone has lost its power holding capacity. Here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid to ensure your iPhone lasts longer.

  • Stop Charging Overnight

It is pretty convenient to keep your smartphone on charge overnight and have a phone with 100% battery life in the morning. However, charging an iPhone or any other modern smartphone overnight is a disaster for overall battery health. Sure, Apple has given you the option to turn on Optimised Charging that cuts off the charger after reaching 80% and completes the remaining charge later. Still, you should avoid charging your iPhone overnight. Instead time yourself perfectly and you will be good to go.

  • Use a Genuine Charger

Most battery health issues are caused by using faulty or fake charges. You may save a few bucks while buying a fake charger but in the long run, it’ll be the cause of your misery. Ensure that you use Apple genuine chargers or Apple recommended/certified chargers. Moreover, you must always use the recommended Watt charger.

  • Avoid Fast Chargers

Fast chargers are great to juice up your battery in a short period of time. But, these fast chargers tend to heat up the iPhone and in the long run cause battery health issues. Using a fast charger once in a way to quickly power up your iPhone isn’t bad, but do not use a fast charger regularly.

  • Do Not Drain Your Battery

Some users tend to drain their battery before plugging into a charger. While this exercise is good once in a way as it keeps your battery healthy. Regularly draining the battery until the iPhone powers off is bad for your battery health.

Avoiding these iPhone charging mistakes will help you in the long run and keep your iPhone running in full capacity. Reduced or degraded battery life not only hampers charge holding capacity but also reduces the performance of your iPhone.

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