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Cleaning up every day to keep your house clean, tirelessly, is often a lot of dog owners. Between flying hairs, paw prints in the house, and the dust they carry… Having a permanently clean home is often utopian. Here are our best tips to help you keep a pleasant interior to live in and a clean house, without spending your time polishing.

Should having a pet at home make you a slave to the mop?

Of course not! You have certainly adopted your furball for its adorable side, certainly not to do extra hours of housework. Now enjoy his antics and cuddles with a light heart, because thanks to these tricks, your interior will stay clean longer, with less effort.

You will be able to see that these are often small tips, but they can really change your daily life and allow you to keep your house clean more easily. Try and you will see!

1. Keep your living room clean with throws

On the sofa or the armchair, don’t deprive yourself of a hug with your doggie! Simply cover the seat with a plaid or blanket. Thus, you will only have to put it in the washing machine regularly. Your fabrics are then protected, and your companion is delighted to be able to snuggle up against you.

2. The stick vacuum cleaner to your rescue for a clean floor

There’s nothing like a vacuum cleaner that you can pull out with a twist. Consider stick vacuums. Wireless and easy to handle, they will save you from floors full of hair and dust.

3. Wipe your dog’s paws after an outing

After the walk, remember to clean your companion’s pads. To do this, a small bowl of warm water and a dry towel will do the trick. If the first time can be caustic, it will quickly become a little ritual between you.

4. Brush your companion regularly

Whether your dog has long or short hair, brush him thoroughly 2-3 times a week. This will avoid clumps of hair wandering through the house… even though you have just vacuumed 10 minutes before.

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5. Shampoo your dog once in a while

To avoid bad smells emanating from your favorite companion, give him a bath from time to time! If you don’t have a bathtub, use the showerhead, with terrycloth towels around it.

6. A clean eating area for your dog

Here is a very simple trick that will prevent you from splashing water or kibble crumbs all over the place: a mat placed under the dog’s bowl. There are also non-slip mats specially designed for this purpose.

Cleaning up with a furry friend at home is easy!

With all these tips, you have enough to enjoy your companion serenely without spending your time cleaning up after it to keep your home clean. To make the air in your home even healthier, remember to ventilate often and steam clean your floors.

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