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Pass Cisco 500-470 Exam Dump – Become A Certified Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

Cisco is a prestigious organization that offers networking products and services for enterprises and individuals. The company switches and routers have become an essential part to establish a strong and reliable network. Besides this, the Cisco Company offers extensive professional certification programs for professionals. The Cisco certification is divide into different categories such as entry-level certification, advance level certification, associate-level certification, professional-level certification, expert-level certification, and architect level certification. With more than two million professionals have earned the badge of Cisco certification and doing their jobs in multinational companies. Choose the right level of level certification and accelerate your career as a Cisco certified professional.

What is Cisco 500-470 Exam?

Today, we talk in detail about Cisco 500-470 dump questions or Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using the Cisco Core Platforms exam. This Advance Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization exam is associate with the Advance Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization – Developer Certification. Through this exam, you can test your skills and knowledge of software development and design which include.

  • Understanding and using APIs
  • Cisco platforms and development
  • Application development and security
  • Infrastructure and automation

In the following table, the general information of the Cisco 500-470 exam is describe in detail.

Cisco Exam Code                                               500-470

Cisco Name                                                        Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Core Platforms

Certifications                                                    Cisco Certified Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

No of Questions:                                              35

Exam Questions Format                                Multiple Choice

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Topics Cover in Cisco 500-470 Exam

Before moving further, it is important to know the Cisco 500-470 exam topics. By taking complete information regarding exam content you will be able to prepare well and set the direction of your preparation. In the following lines, complete details of topics that likely to be include in the final Cisco 500-470 exam is describe. However, the other related topics may also come in the final Cisco 500-470 final exam.

Software Development and Design (15%) – In this first section of the Cisco 500-470 exam, you will learn to compare data formats, parsing of common data format to python data structures, and the different concepts of test-driven development. You will learn to compare software development methods such as agile, lean, and waterfall. What are the benefits and advantages of common design patterns and version control operation with Git? Explain in detail.

Understanding and Using APIs (20%) – In the 2nd chapter of the Cisco 500-470 exam you will get the knowledge to construct a REST API request to accomplish the different API documentation. What are the common usage patterns that are related to webhooks and constraints when consuming APIs. You will learn to explain common HTTP response codes associated with REST APIs and troubleshoot a problem given the HTTP response code.

Cisco Platforms and Development (15%) – In the 3rd chapter of the 500-470 exam you will learn to construct a python script that uses in the SDK documentation. Describe the capabilities of Cisco network management platforms, APIs, Cisco compute management platforms, and APIs

Application Deployment and Security (15%) – In the 4th chapter of Cisco Certified Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization exam, you will learn to describe the benefits of edge computing, application deployment models, and attributes of these application deployment types. what are the virtual machines and described the components of CI and CD pipeline in application deployment. How to construct a python unit test explain in detail. Infrastructure and Automation and network fundamentals also part of the Cisco 500-470 exam.

How you can pass Cisco 500-470 Exam?

Do you have a plan to certify your skills and knowledge with the Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization certification? Are you ready to become a certified Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization expert? If your answer is yes then you have to pass the Cisco 500-470 exam with good scores. To pass the Cisco Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization certification exam is not an easy task you have to put some extra time, effort, and money to pass this challenging Cisco 500-470 exam. Let’s me introduce Authenticcerts Cisco 500-470 exam dumps that have been prepare by experienced and certified Cisco expert. These Authenticcerts Cisco 500-470 exam practice questions are real-time questions that will be ask in the final Cisco DeveNet certification exam. So you rest assured that after using Authenticcerts Cisco 500-470 dumps you can easily pass this exam even in the first attempt. You should try this.

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