MBBS in China Medical University

Chinese Medical University

China Medical University is a very popular public university founded in 1931. The university is located in Shenyang, China. China Medical University is one of the most popular MBBS in China Medical University. Studying in this university is the dream of many medical enthusiasts from different countries. This is because of the great advantages it offers to its students.

It offers quality education and has easily become one of the best destinations for MBBS study abroad in China. Many students from all over the world study at China Medical University and conduct medical research in China. With over 9,000 employees and 15,000 students, China Medical University has proven to be a popular medical research location for international students.

Basic Qualification

MDCAT Entrance exam Yes, with a passing grade.

Tuition fee INR 4.00 lakh/year approx.

Course duration 5+1 years

Language of instruction: English

Academic accreditation is recognized by PMC and WHO.

Academic Scheme

The university offers a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and postdoctoral programs as well as postdoctoral research centers in various fields of medicine.

The Chinese Medical University has a large campus with a total area of about 1.93 million square meters and is able to provide all the necessary facilities for medical students in China.

The university is undoubtedly the best place to study MBBS because of its excellent teaching methods.

Moreover, the low cost of MBBS has attracted applicants from all over the world, including Pakistani students, to opt for MBBS in China.

Faculties and Departments

China Medical University has faculties and departments specializing in different fields of medicine. Here is a list of MBBS faculties and departments of China Medical University.

Basic Medical School

First clinical university and first affiliated hospital

Second clinical university and second affiliated hospital (St. John’s Hospital)

Third clinical university and third affiliated hospital (merged with Shengjing Hospital)

Fourth Clinical University – Fourth Affiliated Hospital

Faculty of Nursing

School of Public Health

Faculty of Forensic Medicine

School of Dental Medicine / Affiliated Hospital

World Ranking.

China Medical University is ranked 335th in the world and 55th in Asia.

National Ranking

China Medical University’s national ranking of 10th in medical education clearly proves that it is one of the best medical universities in China.

Students from Pakistan

China Medical University is one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani students. Every year, many Pakistani students choose to study MBBS in China, with the number of entrants increasing year by year.

So when you go to China to study MBBS, you will meet Pakistani students and feel like you are in Pakistani territory.

As a Pakistani student, you can study MBBS in China with peace of mind.

University Accreditation

The university is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Education, which indicates that it is one of the globally recognized universities offering MBBS programs.

Commission on Education for Foreign Medical Professionals (ECFMG).

Pakistan National Health Council (PMC) – MBBS Specialist

World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) – MBBS Specialist

Foundation for the Promotion of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) – MBBS Specialist

World Health Organization (WHO) – MBBS Specialist

Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China – MBBS Specialist

Why choose a Chinese medical university to study medicine?

There are several reasons why China Medical University is the best choice to study MBBS in China.

Quality teaching hospitals ensure quality teaching

China Medical University offers low tuition fees to study MBBS in China.

The university has first-class laboratories

It has a modern library and an excellent information center.

China Medical University is one of the best MBBS universities in China.

You don’t have to make a donation to be admitted to the university.

Internships and scholarships are available.

Administrative procedures and admission are very smooth.

The infrastructure is very good, with modern and technologically advanced facilities.

Ideal student-teacher ratio

Highly respected professors

Inexpensive accommodation

Many opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

Ideal for Pakistani students learning English.

A varied lifestyle is very helpful

Earn through learning opportunities

MBBS duration at China Medical University

The total duration of medical studies in China is six years, divided into five years of study and one year of internship after study. Students receive all theoretical and practical training in the classroom. The practical training, on the other hand, helps them gain practical experience in operations, surgery, and all other related training.

Admission dates and deadlines.

There are admission deadlines for medical studies at China Medical University in China, which interested applicants should keep in mind carefully. The deadline for admission to China Medical University is July 15 of each year. Admission to China MBBS begins in September.

Dormitories for medical students

The hostel for students of China Medical University is very good and no student has any problems. The total cost of accommodation is about 160-250 USD per month.

EXIT Exam Training.

Pakistani students are eligible for the PMC training organized by the university, which is very useful when they return to Pakistan after completing the MBBS course.

Student Life at the University

Student life at China Medical University is a combination of learning, fun and entertainment. All this takes place in a very good atmosphere that helps students learn. Moreover, the faculty members are very helpful and make life at MBBS College China more enjoyable.

Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistani students need not worry about Pakistani food as it is readily available both on and off campus.

Documents required for MBBS education in China.

The documents required for MBBS education in China are determined by the university.

Application form for admission

Passport photo

Report cards for grades 11 and 12 were issued by the relevant educational authorities.

Competent educational authorities issue grade 11 and 12 certificates.

Certificate of leaving school.

Photocopy of a valid passport with the scanned image.

Proof of extra-curricular activities (if applicable).

All documents must be certified and notarized by the appropriate authorities.

In addition to the above documents, the following documents are also required to apply for a visa.

Valid passport of the applicant

A recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant.

Visa application form

JW2O2 form (original required at the time of travel).

Letter of admission issued by the university.

Medical or health certificate

China Medical University MBBS Admission Requirements.

Any candidate applying for MBBS in China must consider the following requirements that must be met to gain admission to MBBS in China.

The highest and lowest age limits for medical studies in China are 25 and 17 years respectively.

The highest and lowest age limit for medical studies in China is 25 and 17 years respectively. All candidates wishing to study medicine in China must include physics, chemistry and biology as compulsory subjects in their curriculum.

They must also achieve at least 70% in all three of the above subjects.

To study medicine in China, candidates must have two years of study experience in all three subjects.

They must have passed the MDCAT and their scores must be satisfactory.

An IELTS or TOEFL score is required.

Candidates should be fluent in English and able to communicate fluently.

Chinese Medical University MBBS Admission Procedures.

The Medical University of China has a completely seamless and uninterrupted admissions process. Read on to learn more about the admission procedure.

The admission procedure begins with the completion of an application for medical studies in China. Applicants must submit their applications in the format prescribed by the university along with the documents listed above.

Thereafter, the application fee, admission fee, and processing fee must be paid according to the university’s standards, of which the application and admission fee must be paid in advance, while the processing fee can be sent to China or Pakistan, whichever is earlier or possible.

After payment, applicants can expect to receive an official photocopy of the university’s acceptance letter within seven to ten business days.

The next step is to send the documents to the Ministry of Education in China for processing. This document is necessary for the issuance of the JW2O2 form. Without it, the Chinese embassy will not process the student visa for admission to MBBS in China, which shows the importance of the JW2O2 form.

It takes about 30 days to receive the admission letter and issue the Chinese visa, which completes the admission process to MBBS in China.

Tuition Structure of China Medical University

Details Tuition fee/year Host fee/year

Fee in US dollars 40000 RMB 7000 RMB

Fee in Rupees (INR) Approximately 70,000 Rupees/year.

MBBS Experts would like to inform you that the tuition fees for MBBS or other courses may vary depending on the exchange rate of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar. Exchange rates are volatile and may change from time to time. Please check the exchange rates before starting the admission process. Please also note that the university/college reserves the right to change the tuition fees at any time without informing the students personally.

Why an MBBS in China?

Students do not need to take the entrance exam to be admitted to China Medical University.

Donations are not required

Tuition and housing fees are low

Top-notch educational facilities for students

A safe and exciting environment for all

Hospitable people who value education

Infrastructure is modern and highly advanced

Safe and peaceful atmosphere conducive to study

Cooperative and qualified faculty to help

English language instruction for foreign medical school applicants

Location and weather conditions

China Medical University is located in the Chinese city of Shenyang. The weather conditions remain cool throughout the year, with much colder winters.

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