MBBS in Youjiang Medical University

Yuanjiang Medical University For Nationalities

Yuanjiang Medical University for Nationalities (YUMUN) was founded in 1958 and is one of the universities under the Ministry of Education of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 2008, it was awarded the title of “Excellent University of Higher Education” by the Chinese Ministry of Education for its outstanding performance in the qualification evaluation of higher education institutions. The MBBS in Youjiang Medical University is located in Bais, a city 200 kilometers west of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. The railroads and roads, the Baise airport and the Yujian River make Baise very accessible.

In 50 years, the university has developed into a modern medical college with 6 faculties and 8 departments specializing in clinical medicine, dentistry, nursing, medical imaging, medical laboratory, pharmacology, public institution management, traditional Chinese medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, psychology, etc.

This university has about 7,500 full-time students from 18 different provinces in China. The university employs 2,200 people, including 300 professors and assistant professors. The university has 14 faculties, 54 academic and research departments, 18 laboratories, and 23 research institutes. There are five hospital branches with modern facilities and more than 55 teaching hospitals in different regions of Guangxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou, providing good practice opportunities for students. The library contains 518,600 books and 3,000 GB of e-books.


English Year of introduction: 2006

Chinese ranking: 199

Number of international students: 328

Enrollment rate: 80

 To ensure that graduates reach a high level, the university has rethought the style and content of teaching. The aim is not only to increase students’ knowledge but also to develop their practical skills and general development. Courses designed so that only competent students graduate. More than 30,000 students have graduated from the university since its inception. Many of them have achieved outstanding results in their fields. The university has a high reputation in the region and beyond.

Program highlights

Yujiang Medical University for Nationalities is a comprehensive national university founded in 1958. It is directly under the Ministry of Education of Guangxi Province.

The curriculum of the MBBS program meets the standards of the Ministry of Environment and IIME requirements.

Students can choose where they want to do their internship/study, either in China or in their home country.

The clinical medicine specialty is ranked 8th in China, and internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, and oncology are among the top national specialties.

The YMUN program recognized by WHO, and MBBS graduates can participate in medical licensing examinations administered by various medical associations such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS, etc.


Basic preclinical courses in medicine include biochemistry, anthroponomy, embryology, physiology, pathogen biology, pathology, pharmacology, pathophysiology and diagnostics, etc.

According to the Ministry of Education regulations, students must also attend Chinese language and culture courses in order to pass the HSK (Chinese Language Proficiency Test) for Level 4, which is a prerequisite for practicing in China.

The university attaches great importance to visiting exchange students. It not only sends its scholars abroad but also invites experts from America, Britain, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Japan, and Canada to give lectures in the country.

The university also attaches great importance to research and has made significant advances in the anthropology of ethnic groups in southwest China.

Chinese herbal medicine, osteology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular medicine and detoxification, etc.


The university has five outpatient hospitals and 39 teaching hospitals with a total of 15,500 inpatient beds and has international research and student exchange programs in more than nine countries, including Germany, Japan, the United States, and neighboring SAARC countries.

In line with China’s goal of training medical students and the international requirements and needs of the countries where foreign students study, we need to educate and train them to become skilled professionals who can work in clinical, educational and research institutions.

Professionals who can participate in clinical, educational, and research work in health care institutions.

The curriculum consists of 5 years of clinical courses and 1 year of professional practice. Mastering Chinese is essential for effective communication during hospital stays and a comfortable stay in China.


The internship period for MBBS students is 1 year (minimum 48 weeks). International students usually prefer to spend their internships in China. However, if students wish to do their internship in another country.

CSMU required to conduct a qualification assessment of the hospital of the student’s choice. Students must choose a WHO-approved hospital and complete the required weeks and content of the internship. A certificate of completion of the internship also required.

In addition, students must take a final theoretical examination and clinical qualification at YMUN.

After completing the MBBS, graduates can apply for the medical licensing examination at the Medical Council to register to practice medicine. According to the legislation of different countries, students may first need accreditation to obtain their diplomas. MBBS graduates employed in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions. It is also possible to open your own clinic or obtain a master’s degree.


MBBS Degree: After completing the curriculum requirements and passing the final examination.

international medical students will receive a certificate of completion and the CFU Medical Diploma if they meet the university’s requirements for this degree.

The English version of the diploma called MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

After obtaining the MBBS diploma.

graduates can apply for the Medical Licensing Examination (MLE) at the Medical Council to register to practice medicine. According to the legislation of different countries, students may first need accreditation to obtain a diploma. MBBS degree holders employed in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutions. It is also possible to open your own clinic or obtain a master’s degree.

Application procedures

1. Applicants can obtain a completed application form for foreigners to apply for admission to Yujiang Medical University from the university website.

2. All applicants must submit the following documents to the International Education Department two months prior to the application deadline.

application form for international students; copy or scan of applicant’s passport.

notarized high school diploma; HSK certificate; recent 2-inch photo.

3. Four weeks before the registration date, the applicant will receive a letter from YMUN informing him/her of the acceptance of the application and the JW202 form (visa application for foreigners).

4. The accepted applicant must go to the embassy or consulate of the People’s Republic of China in his/her home country with the passport, and acceptance letter.

And visa application forms for foreigners (JW202) to obtain the X visa.

5. The academic year starts in September each year. The spring semester starts in March and the autumn semester starts in September.

Admission fee: 400 yen per person. The fee is non-refundable.

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