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Students must know how important Android applications are in their daily lives. Most services are now online and have Android applications for their consumers. Everything is possible because of apps. Whether it’s seeing your emails, listening to music, contacting someone, or ordering food or other items. Programming languages are a means of interacting with or communicating with your system or device. As you all know, computers only understand binary at the machine level, that is, 0s and 1s.

A programming language is require to turn the instructions into a machine-understandable language. As a result, programming languages play an important role in communicating. That with devices and systems and executing desired activities. When it comes to Android devices, you need Android applications to communicate with them. So, you will need to learn a programming language for android to create those amazing apps. The Android operating system is written mostly in Java, with low-level libraries written primarily in C++.

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Let’s focus on some of the types of mobile apps –

Now, quickly go through the various forms of app development from a code perspective. In general, mobile app developers can create an app that falls into one of three categories that are –

  • Native apps – Native app development is done in a language supported natively by a mobile device’s operating system.
  • Hybrid apps – Development for several platforms. Apps are written in a single language and operate on various platforms.
  • Progressive web applications (PWA) – The URL of a device’s web browser is use to execute a lightweight programme. This application has the appearance and feel of a mobile app. It is not served directly on the device.

Regarding mobile app development, the distinction between native and hybrid apps. These are the most frequently ask question. For a long time, this has been a hot topic among coders. As a result, if you want to design an app for both iOS and Android, you’ll need to create distinct apps for each platform.

Programming Language For Android – Think Twice For Building Apps

Several programming languages are currently available to assist you in developing Android applications. Some of the most popular programming languages for android development is list below. Let’s take a closer look at each programming language for Android and see how you can utilise it to create apps.


The official language for developing Android applications in Java. However, Java is being phase out, favouring Kotlin, a more compact and safe language. Java is a popular programming language, and most of the apps available on the Google Play Store are written in it. Function overriding, constructors, containers, classes, objects, and many more. If you’re looking for a simple language to learn, Java might not be the greatest option. Even though Java appears difficult, it is a fantastic language to learn and implement. Knowing Java will also help you understand the topics. 


Kotlin is one of the most popular and emerging languages for creating Android apps. It’s an open-source programming language that lets you build more secure and concise programmes. It attracted a lot of interest in the market. The newcomers to Android found it quite simple to understand and execute. Zomato, the well-known meal delivery app, may be recognisable to you all. Developers at Zomato utilise Kotlin to create their apps. Kotlin language helps zomato to cut the length of their application’s code considerably. In comparison to Java, Kotlin has a considerably simpler syntax and needs fewer lines of code.


Dart is one of the most current languages develop by Google to create Android applications. Dart’s stable version was introduced in 2021, and it’s presently gaining a lot of attraction in the market. Dart is most commonly use to create client-side apps. It has a syntax comparable to C and allows for object-oriented programming. It utilise to create some stunning user interface elements. A dart is well-known for its ability to create cross-platform apps. To put it another way, you can create apps for Android, iOS, and even desktop applications. Dart’s community is currently growing, and it will gradually establish itself as one of the top languages for Android development.


C# is also one of the most popular programming languages for developing Android apps. This language has a syntax that is quite similar to Java. It also has a garbage collection that is comparable to Java. Because C# has a well-known garbage collection mechanism, there are fewer memory leaks. Due to a lack of platform support, C# could not establish a strong foothold in Android development. C# was the first language to support .NET framework such as Windows.


The Android Native Development Kit (NDK) is used by C++ to create Android apps. Both C++ and the NDK are require to create an app. The syntax grows extremely complicated, and some features need a thorough understanding of the C++ core libraries. As an alternative to C++, you may use Java or Kotlin.


Python is another programming language that may use to create outstanding Android apps. However, you can’t provide native features using Python. In Python, there is a library called “Kivy” that helps develop Android applications. Even though, Python is a sophisticated language.


Lua is a less popular programming language these days. But It is still a viable option for creating Android apps. It’s most commonly use with the Corona SDK, which includes creating native Android apps. Corona Simulator and Corona Native are the results. Corona SDK programming language mostly used to create graphical apps and games. You may, however, use it to create native apps as well.


JavaScript was well known to the web developers. This client-side scripting language is most commonly use in web development, and many developers are familiar with it. There are various frameworks for JavaScript, including React, Vue, and Angular. These frameworks may also be use to create Android apps. If you’re a web developer wishing to branch out into android programming, you should choose React Native or Ionic as your development framework.


The most frequently asked question is “Programming language for Android apps? You can clear your doubt by taking help online like tutorials. These top eight programming languages for Android development helps you to understand the working of all. It also helps you learn the specifics of each programming language and how to apply them for Android development.

You need to pick the most popular one and those who relate to your idea. Not wasting any time in finding the programming language for Android apps. You can choose in which you have interest and according to your criteria.

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