Religion has no place in schools.

Religion is a private matter for everyone, while schooling is a public place regardless of race, religion, and discrimination. Education is an equal right of any individual no matter whether he belongs to what religion or caste. Religion is someone’s personal belief.

Separate significance

Religion and school do not have a single common thing. Both of them are two different things, and both of them possess significance in an individual’s life. A school is a place that educates students and prepares them for a better future. The teachings that students learn in school help them throughout their practical life. Its significance can not be denied but mixing it with religion is wrong. Religion is the belief that anyone adopts, but it is a personal matter that everyone may not share.


When religion is taken in schools, it promotes discrimination among students. A school is a public place where students from different races, religions, and communities. Education is the same for all of them, regardless of their origin. Every religion has boundaries and rules that may not be common in all religions. Suppose students are judged based on their religion. In that case, it will create differences, resulting in a superiority complex in some students, and others will be considered lower.


Schools are established on the basis of humanity. Great people who are greater human beings think for others’ welfare. They never see the religion of a needy person. Humanity is a common thing in every religion. In schools, religions should not be highlighted, and everyone should be considered a human being. This will make students think that they also have to think of humanity and preach.

Career opportunities

Schools where religion is not focused, have proved to be better instituted for students and offer much better future opportunities. Students feel free to choose their field of interest, enhancing their confidence to prove themselves. Where religion is considered, students are stuck in situations that determine what is right and wrong. Such students are not good at expressing their feelings. They are dependent on others and ask them to law assignment writing service UK.

Learning process

Learning is very important for any student. The learning process is not only specified for schools. It continues till the last breath, but school is the place where a major part of learning takes place. Parents and guardians are more concerned about their children’s schooling because it’s a matter of their future. Parents don’t like to enroll their kids in schools where the learning process is affected by religion. Religion is a very sensitive topic to discuss sometimes, and children are innocent. They don’t think before they speak, and they just do whatever they like. Many of those things may be restricted in religion, but you can not put stress on students as this will not be good for their studies.

Lack of tolerance

As mentioned earlier that religion is a very sensitive and private matter. A school is a place for students that are not smart enough to understand others’ opinions. If students are taught about religion in schools, a lack of tolerance will be observed because they will not try to listen and understand the point of view of someone else. They will just react; this will lead to the occurrence of unpleasant events among students.


School is the place for not only academic activities but co-curricular activities as well. Students are already very busy with their activities and learnings. If students are forced to learn religion in schools, this will increase the load. It will also create confusion as there may be some students of different religions, and organizations will have to think about alternate content for those students.

Hurting sentiments

There are so many activities and events that happen in schools. Every religion has its festivals. It will become so hard to manage the events according to religion. If school management organizes any event according to a certain religion, then there are chances that it may be prohibited in another. This will hurt the sentiments of students of that religion. As humans, we should respect every religion as we live in an era where human life is more valuable and important. Everyone has the right to live their life as they want.

Social Interactions

Religion in school can affect the socialization of students. Nowadays, we live a life where gadgets almost control us. We do not meet many people daily, but even then, we are connected. Students in school are more connected as they meet others in school on a daily basis. They make friends there and learn from them. This has no place for religion. Religion will have an adverse effect in school on the social life of students.


We should teach our generation to respect every religion and culture, but religion should not be added to schools to maintain that level of respect. Only the teaching to respect every religion should be taught because students don’t need to be from the same religion.

Liberty for point of view

This is the era of independence. Everybody is independent to take decisions for themselves. This liberty allows them to give their point of view in any forum. School is one of those forums where students participate in several activities; debates competitions take place where students feel free to speak. Religion in school makes it difficult to present their point of view freely as many things should be considered while taking under the light of religion.

Personal matter

Religion is all about the belief that is not restricted to adoption. One has the right to think and take a step if they are not comfortable with the religion that has been inherited. But student life is not the age to take such steps. At that time, students were not completely mature, and they could not decide their good and bad bitterly by themselves. This matter should never be included in schools, as it will divert their concentration. According to all the points mentioned above, religion has no place in school. It has its importance, but school is not the right place to talk about religions. School is okay with the academic and co-curricular activities through which students learn a lot. This learning helps them while getting mature.

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