The pandemic has been tough on many people, and 2020 was a year where the winter blues lasted for a long time. Many people were tired, and they were scared of the uncertainty. Now, in 2022, things are better as people have adapted to the scenario and have learned to live with the coronavirus keeping safety precautions in mind.

Selin Sakarcan is an eminent podiatric physician from the USA and is fond of sports and marathons. She is also an athlete and likes to stay fit and healthy with exercise. Exercise can do wonders to boost immunity and mental health to keep depression, fear, and anxiety at bay. When it comes to the post-pandemic era, it is important for everyone to put priority on their health.

The following are some of the key reasons why exercise is more important to you today-

  1. Exercise gives you more energy- This helps you focus on the things that matter to you. For instance, you get more energy to complete chores faster, play with your kids, and do all the things that you love. If you have not started to exercise yet, sit back and think for one minute, consider why exercise is important to you, and how you can improve your quality of life with it. You will be surprised to find that it gives you more mental clarity, and you will develop the skills of more patience with your kids and partner.
  2. Set reasonable goals- When you have decided to start exercise, do not set a goal you cannot attain. Most people start a regime with the thought they will lose 20 pounds. If you do not stay motivated for the goal, you will fail and stop exercising. This is a defeat and serves no one a good purpose. So, instead of setting goals that are hard for you to attain, start with the milestones that you can achieve. In this way, you will find yourself progressing fast.
  3. Be ready to be flexible- Make sure you are flexible in the process of exercising. You never know what might crop up suddenly. The goal here is you should be flexible and accommodate even simple tasks like walking, climbing the stairs, etc., when you miss out on exercises due to some emergency.

In short, do not be hard on yourself and consider yourself guilty in case you do miss out on a day or two of exercising in a week.

It is crucial for you and everyone to stay motivated when it comes to daily exercise. When you exercise or even simply run, walk or jog around the block, endorphins from the brain are released, and you feel happy. You not only burn the extra calories on your body, but you also feel good- this sure goes a long way in keeping you mentally and physically fit with success! According to Selin Sakarcan, these small steps toward exercise will greatly impact the quality of life in the post-pandemic era.

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