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A rewards point system is a customer loyalty system that allows you to reward customers points for various actions they perform on your site, such as shopping, writing product reviews, referring friends, etc., or discounts on further purchases.

The points system is designed to increase customer engagement with your online store and encourage them to make repeat purchases. The more activities customers perform when interacting with your store, the more points they earn. They also get more points when they place orders with a higher value. It’s not easy to create reward points systems that actually work because a successful customer loyalty program requires many steps.

If it is difficult for you to do everything yourself, in this article, there are many useful rewards system software that can help you create a Digital Coupon Management System. Many platforms also allow you to create a points reward system application so that your customers can easily earn and redeem points through their mobile devices.

If your eCommerce store uses a Magento-based website, check out our Reward Point extension – a powerful tool for designing the perfect rewards system for your beloved loyal customer.

6 ways to create the best point reward system for customers

1 Reward customers with account registration points

Creating an account is the first customer activity on your site that can be rewarded with points. Many people do not always want to use their personal and contact information to register an account when visiting a website or maybe too lazy to do so. This can provide them with rewards as a strong incentive to register on your site.

If you already have customer information through the registration steps, you can use this information to design personalized marketing campaigns. You can target customers more effectively. Diving research shows that consumers are 40% more likely to look at recommended products based on the information they share with the brand. This way, you can also gain more repeat customers and increase your sales.

# 2 Reward customers with points of purchase

This is one of the most common ways to reward customers with a simple e-commerce point system: Spend more to get more. By gaining buyers every time you buy points, you can motivate them to buy more and spend more on your products.

You must enter a specific value for each point and indicate the corresponding number of points on each page where the product is visible (product page, category page, etc.), in addition to the price of each product. For example, you can reward customers with one point for every $10 they spend.

So after purchasing an item worth $ 100, 10 reward points will be added to their account. These 10 points can be equal to a $ 10 discount on their next order.

Another thing to keep in mind is to set an expiration date for reward points that remind customers to use their points. For example, each item will not be valid until three months after receipt.

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3 Reward customers with product reviews

Another idea to consider when designing a rewards system is to earn customer points by writing reviews of purchased products. Did you know that a product with five reviews is 270% more likely to buy it than a product without a review (according to the Spiegel Research Center)? However, shoppers do not always see the motivation to go back and share feedback about the product they have purchased.

So you can encourage them to return to your site and write product reviews by rewarding them with points. This way, you can use user-generated content to increase sales as well as maintain a strong customer relationship, killing two flies with one stone.

4 Reward customer points for referral activities

A Nielsen report shows that more than 90% of consumers rely more on friends’ and family’s suggestions than on advertising. It’s easy to make your customers a trusted brand ambassador by rewarding them for recommending their family and friends to your online store.

These new customers may also be interested in your loyalty program and may also be a referral. This approach will therefore benefit your business in the long run. In addition, you can reward customers with extra points after the visitor they referred made a successful purchase using your referral code.

5 Reward customers with points for comments and sharing on social networks

Sharing content and products on social networks is a great way to bring a lot of organic traffic to your site. So why not let your customers help you by earning them reward points through social media sharing? The idea also encourages them to share their favorite products on their social network.

Now there are so many opportunities to turn social media traffic into sales. Your customers get more points to redeem for discounts and offers, it’s a win-win situation!

In addition, rewarding customers for leaving comments on your blog can help you gain an overview of their interests. Then develop content strategies that best serve them.

6 Reward customers with newsletter subscription points

Site visitors are less likely to subscribe to newsletters, but the situation will change if they are rewarded for doing so. Startup development company can make them happy and continue by sending out detailed information. Attractive offers through weekly or monthly newsletters.

Remember to use email marketing tools to customize the content of your email when sending newsletters to customers. According to data collected by Instapage, 82% of marketers report an increase in open rates due to email personalization.

Are you ready to create the perfect points system for your business?

Creating a points system is one of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty to your brand. You can reward customers for the many actions they take on your e-commerce sites, such as purchases, product reviews, referrals, and more.

This will increase customer retention, increase your conversion rate and increase your sales. An effective points system can not only strengthen your relationship with current customers. It also helps differentiate your brand from other competitors. So don’t hesitate, to take advantage of our helpful tips above. Start creating a unique points rewards program for your customers right now!

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