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Best Himalayan Salt Lamp [2022]

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Despite the appearance of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, it is beautiful. It emits a soft light that creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room. You can take the scientific data with a grain of salt, but many people believe these lamps provide more than just a warm glow. Salt has long been associated with healing properties that range from insomnia and anxiety to skin conditions, constipation and flu symptoms. In fact, salt has been the basis for an entire form of alternative medicine called “halogen therapy” for thousands of years.

Of course, you can visit a salt cave anywhere in the world and get all the benefits of this amazing stone, but you can also purchase Himalayan salt lamps for daily use. Best of all, you’ll sleep better! (We’ll try anything that has this effect). The worst part is that you will have a truly unique and fun decorative element that also glows a soft pink.

What exactly are Himalayan salt lamps?

They made from rock salt from the Himalayan Mountains, which stretch over 1,500 miles across India, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. These rock salts extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Pakistan, which produces over 400,000 tons of pure crystalline rock salt each year. In its raw form, the yellow and pink salt looks like a large, jagged crystal. Then, the lamp turned on and placed inside. This creates a functional lamp from the same material that used to sprinkle dinner or cook a piece of salmon.

The heat from the lamp said to release the salt into the air, pulling toxins, allergens and pollutants out of the air while releasing negative ions (i.e., particles) into the air – basically on a much smaller scale than you might experience in a salt cave. Negative ions believed to be beneficial to physical and mental health – they are found in mountains, waterfalls and beaches and can raise serotonin levels (thus improving mood and reducing stress).

If you can, try to conjure up distant memories of how you felt after a day at the beach. Science aside, something magical happened to your body after spending a little afternoon in the salty sea air: your skin is hydrated and clean, and most of us sleep well after a day at the beach, right? Salt lamps are a not-so-pleasant way to simulate the quality of air in your bedroom.

What should I look for when choosing a Himalayan salt lamp?

To reap the potential health benefits of salt lamps, you should buy salt lamps made from real Himalayan salt. There are some plastic salt lamps, but they are nothing more than a beautiful source of light. Rock salt naturally draws moisture from the air and causes condensation on its surface. For this reason, you should look for rock salt lamps that have some sort of base.

Obviously, they also make the room dustier because they release negative ions that cling to air particles and make them sink. The upside is that by doing this, the air is purified. The disadvantage is that you can’t avoid dust.


Color is another factor to consider. The most popular color of salt lamps is yellow, but there are also many natural colors such as red, orange, pink, white and black.

Even if you don’t like the shape of raw salt crystals, you have plenty of options. You can find polished salt lamps in the shape of obelisks, pyramids, moons and more. We even found one in the shape of a cat. The sky is the limit!

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