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Online CCNA Training in dubai

What You Must Understand Regarding the New CCNA Certification

A technical certification for networking experts is called Online CCNA Training in dubai. The most well-known firm in the world for producing and marketing networking equipment is Cisco. The CCNA 200-301 exam assesses professionals’ knowledge of IP connectivity, networking access, and a few other networking protocols.

Since this exam is at the associate level, no prior knowledge is required. You merely need to be aware of the course syllabus. The CCNA certification advances your networking knowledge from the fundamentals to the intermediate level and equips you with the skillset and information needed for the most in-demand IT career jobs.

What you must understand about the new CCNA

The Important Cisco Certification Changes for 2023

In the middle of 2023, Cisco made some substantial updates to its CCNA certification program. Most of us have read or heard something about the previous CCNA certification test. Prior to 2023, Cisco offered ten different certification paths for various technology kinds. All of the tracks now start with the final piece of the CCNA certification curriculum in the new pattern.

With the exception of “CCNA Routing and Switching,” which was renamed to “CCNA,” Cisco terminated all CCNA credentials. The new CCNA test is more transparent and easier to understand. There is only one curriculum and one test available at the Associate level. However, if you wish to delve deeper into any particular areas of interest, there are more certification options accessible at the CCNP level.

the benefits of obtaining a CCNA certification

Since the world’s foremost networking organization will certify you, more people will need your talents.

You will have more employment alternatives thanks to CCNA certification training, including network programmability, wireless, security, and many others.

You’ll stay up to date on all the most recent technological advancements with an online CCNA certification.

You can get ready for network evolution in the digital age with the Cisco CCNA certification. The network infrastructure is drastically changing as the globe moves towards digitization.

According to research, CCNA-certified IT professionals outperform uncertified ones in terms of performance.

The Cisco CCNA Certification serves as evidence of your training-related expertise and skills.

CCNA Exam information

Test Number CCNA 200-301

Time: 120 minutes

100–120 questions in various languages British and Japanese

Passing Score (On a Scale of 1000) 800-850

Questions can be of the following types: Drag-and-drop, Simulated lab (sim), Multiple-choice (single-answer), Multiple-choice (multiple-answer), Testlet, and Simlet.

The first four categories of questions are likely ones you’ve seen before. The latter two topics are more typical of IT exams. Both make use of a simulator to let you operate and use Cisco network equipment.

Sim dilemmas: You can access the devices and examine a lab setup and network topology. The configuration has a problem that needs to be fixed.

simpleton queries Sim and testlet question forms are combined in this approach. You access the devices and observe a lab situation and network topology, much like in a simulation inquiry. However, there are also numerous multiple-choice questions, much like in a testlet. You need to respond to the network’s present condition rather than alter configurations.

Qualifications for the CCNA (200-301)

Although there are no formal prerequisites for the CCNA exam, it is advised to have a rudimentary understanding of IP addressing and networking concepts. A plus is having one year of experience managing and executing Cisco solutions.

Domains of the Cisco CCNA Certification exams

Networking Fundamentals: The CCNA certification exam’s first domain is networking fundamentals. It accounts for 20% of the exam’s total weight. It includes the following subdomains:

Describe the purpose and applications of networking equipment such as routers, switches, hubs, etc.

TCP and UDP protocols, as well as the various types of network topologies and cables,

IPV6 and IPV4

principles of wireless

CCNA Network Access: The exam also gives the Network Access domain a 20% weight.

The following subtopics are part of the domain:

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

interconnection of switches

Wireless designs, LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol), RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol), and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) are examples of protocols. Components

IP Connectivity: The test weight for the IP Service domain is 25%. The following subtopics are included in the domains:

You will become familiar with the codes for connected routes, static routes, local routes, and OSPF routes in the routing protocol.

Understanding routing table elements

Understanding the FHRP (First Hop Redundancy Protocol) and how a router chooses to forward traffic by default

IP Services: The exam gives the IP service domain a 10% weight. It informs us of NTP’s (Network Time Protocol) client and server modes of operation as well as the static and pool NAT (Network Address Translation) configuration and verification. DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) is another topic covered in this lesson.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP

The role FTP plays in a network

Security Foundations Security is a crucial component of the networking industry, as we all know. This module is now part of the CCNA Certification exam as a result. The exam weight for the Security Fundamentals module is 15%. Building a more secure network, it starts with the fundamentals of security and different forms of assaults. You will become familiar with risks, vulnerabilities, attacks, and mitigation strategies as soon as this module begins. You’ll discover how to use them to safeguard the network’s infrastructure.

Additionally covered in this module are:

Layer 2 surveillance techniques like DHCP

ARP inspection in motion

Port safety

Wireless encryption standards like WPA, WPA2, and WPA3

This module’s discussion of automation and programmability sheds light on how automation affects network administration. Exam weighting for the Automation and Programmability area is 10%. Despite how brief this section is, it introduces network engineers to new subjects. Knowing which traffic is moving across our network is necessary as it grows larger and more complicated. We can accomplish that with the help of automation and programmability. The module additionally covers:

REST-based API characteristics (CRUD, HTTP verbs, and data encoding)

How to set up management tools like Chef, Ansible, and Puppet

JSON data interpretation and controller-based networking

Device management is enabled by Cisco DNA Centre.

Who ought to obtain the updated CCNA Certification?

The new CCNA (200-301) certification can be advantageous for the following career roles:

What you must understand regarding the new CCNA certification

Setting up the CCNA test

By creating an account, you can schedule your exam at a Pearson VUE testing facility. You can access information about the exam centers close to you after successfully registering an account. Choose the proctored test and the test code (CCNA 200-301). When it’s convenient for you, pay the exam money and set the exam date. The exam will be offered in both English and Japanese.

However, you must consent to the security policies and test standards in order to take the exam from your home or place of business. You must adhere to particular system and exam environment criteria.

How can you obtain training for the Cisco CCNA certification?

With the best networking tools like Cisco packet tracer and GNS3, Infosec Train offers instruction for the CCNA 200-301 certification. One of the top companies for providing cutting-edge IT security training is Infosec Train. Our Certified instructors have years of professional experience and are experts in their respective fields. You can sign up for our online training for the CCNA certification. Even after their training is through, we continue to support them if they run across issues.

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