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When a person needs something to wear, they most likely go to their closet and select the shoes that fit or that they like. What is no longer functional must be discarded or donated. But do they truly understand what happens to old shoes?

Today, we throw away a lot of shoes and other textile items because they no longer look good, but doing so is wasteful and harmful to the environment. It’s preferable if we can donate our old shoes rather than simply throwing them away without considering where they’ll end up after they’ve been discarded.

Shoes are recyclable! When they donate their used textiles, such as pants, shirts, and even underwear, they can be used as fibres or turned into insulation for their home.

Shoes make a big difference! If they have some spare change in their pocket,  to donate old shoes is a good option because each item will go all the way to someone who will need it.

Here are five reasons why donating their old shoes is preferable to throwing them away:

  • People in Need Can Benefit From Old Shoes

Did you know that donating used and unwanted footwear and other household items to charity organisations helps to improve the lives of others? Footwear donations are accepted by non-profit organisations. Did they also know they could sell their old shoes to the general public and use the proceeds to help fund their non-profit organisation?

  • They allow people who need it to feel more confident in themselves.

What is it that all humans yearn for? It’s not money, wealth, or power; it’s actually feeling good about oneself. When people donate some of their old belongings or material possessions, they are assisting these needy individuals in gaining confidence and feeling less isolated. Wearing new shoes may give them hope and boost their self-esteem, as well as improve other aspects of their lives, such as their success at work, school, or even in their social lives.

  • Thrift is a concept that should be promoted.

They are promoting thriftiness, which is another great reason why they should donate their old shoes instead of throwing them away, especially if they are still good enough to wear after donating them. Donating old or used items to charity organisations can result in tax benefits because federal and state tax laws allow for this type of activity.

More people would try to be thrifty with their disposal choices, such as what disposal bins they will use when disposing of larger objects like furniture, in order to avoid paying more money when doing so; not only that, but there are health risks involved in these kinds of practises as well.

  • They are assisting the environment and preserving resources.

Did they know that in the United States alone, billions of pounds of footwear are discarded? This means there is almost enough fabric to cover the entire state of Texas! When more than 10% of people in industrialised countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria buy new shoes every year, it puts a significant strain on the environment, resulting in depletion of natural resources for energy production and increased greenhouse effect gas emissions. They help conserve the earth’s resources and avoid adding unnecessary carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by donating old shoes instead of throwing them away.

In a nutshell, as the points stated above show benefits to donate running shoes charities has numerous advantages. It is also beneficial to the environment and natural resource conservation, as well as promoting thriftiness and allowing people in need to feel more confident about themselves.

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