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Pakistani students studying MBBS in China

Studying MBBS in China is a sensible choice and is popular due to the low cost and high returns. Due to China’s proximity to Pakistan, students tend to opt for medical education in foreign universities. China offers an affordable medical education compared to many other foreign universities. The number of foreign students going to Chinese universities is increasing due to the high status of budget education in China in medical research and development.

The best universities to study MBBS      

1. Zhejiang University

2. Nanjing Medical University

3. Xi’an Jiaotong University

4. Southeast University

5. Kunming Medical University

The four best MBBS universities in China

There are countless cheap MBBS universities in China. But here are some universities that excel in more ways than just price!

First, Xiamen University. With a national ranking of 10% and a world ranking of 159, it’s a great option for Pakistani academics studying MBBS. The tuition fee at this university is Rs 4,00,000 per year x 6 years.

Next, Xian Jiaotong University has a tuition fee of Rs 5,00,000 per year. The MBBS programme here lasts six years.

The third is Nanjing Medical University where the tuition fees are Rs 36,00,000 per year x 6 years.

The last is Southeast University, where the tuition fee is Rs 3,20,000 per year. Moreover, it takes six years to complete the MBBS programme here.

The good news is that 65% of PCBs with NEET qualifications meet the criteria for admission to the university. With this list of easy-to-choose universities, you will have no trouble deciding where to study.

Cost of MBBS in China

The cost of MBBS in China is very low and there are a number of scholarships available to make the education easier for international students. The average cost of MBBS in China is only â’¬160,000 for five years, which is much lower than the cost of medical education in most other popular MBBS destinations.

 MBBS curriculum in China

Universities in China are known for their rigorous and quality practices in medicine. Nine semesters and one year of internship prepare specialist doctors to treat complex medical cases. The programme is divided into two parts. The first four semesters are devoted to acquiring basic general educational knowledge of medical subjects, while the other five semesters are devoted to acquiring knowledge of clinical subjects.

The list of subjects by part is as follows

Part 1.





Community Medicine



Part 2.



Orthopaedic surgery

Obstetrics and gynaecology





Skin and venereal diseases


Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine

China’s level of education is world-class, and there are great opportunities for internships and training programmes. The government is determined to increase the number of foreign students entering Chinese universities.

MBBS fee structure, qualifications, and admission procedures in China

China as a destination for MBBS students

China is increasing its research, teaching and scholarship budgets year on year, resulting in a well-developed academic centre. China’s well-funded medical schools are well-equipped to deliver high-quality medical education. As a result, 20 Chinese medical schools have been listed among the top 1000 medical schools in the world.

Medical education in China is economical. Why? Most medical schools in China offer scholarships. Even without scholarships, medical education in China is very cheap.

China is an ideal destination for Pakistani students to study MBBS as there are few places for medical students in Pakistan.

Unlike some European countries, MBBS programmes are recognised in all hospitals worldwide. Therefore, students choose to do their medical training in China instead of spending time in unaccredited universities. Moreover, the entire university system in China is state-owned, which means that students receive a world-class education.

MBBS in China have a good reputation. This is due to the advanced medical equipment and phenomenal international standards. Unlike studying MBBS in other countries such as Pakistan, medical education in China is supported by an internship system.

This allows students to develop their expertise at medical quality centers. This makes it a great experience for Pakistani researchers studying MBBS in China, where they can generate new ideas in their field.

Why should I study MBBS in China and is it not the same in other countries?

According to a Google report, this is the most frequently asked question by Pakistani and other international students. Here is why.

The first reason you should study MBBS in China is the high employment rate.

China is the fastest growing country in the world and there are many medical centers that hire medical students immediately after MBBS graduation. Therefore, there are many employment opportunities for MBBS students in China.

The second reason is the high standard of education

Universities in China are top class, which is partly due to the high quality of education. You will find that it is a great place to study medicine. Moreover, all developed countries accept degrees from Chinese universities.

The third reason is the low fee structure!

China is one of the most popular destinations for Pakistani students from abroad who want to study MBBS. This is due to the low tuition fees and the world-class medical education compared to other countries like Pakistan.

Among the 45 MCI accredited universities in China, the best and leading universities are still recognized because of their unique MBBS fees.

Fourth, English language programs.

Throughout China, MBBS programmes are usually taught in Chinese; in 2004, the Ministry of Education and the Chinese government gave some universities permission to teach MBBS in English.

Admission procedures for MBBS in China

The admission procedure for MBBS in China is quite simple. The entry requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in medicine, and competition is much less than for entrance exams in other countries.

To be admitted to the university, applicants must submit 10th, 11th, and 12th grade diplomas (including original and certified copies), a recent passport photo and a passport.

In addition, there are several high-quality hospitals in China where students have access to a range of practical training opportunities. These hospitals have state-of-the-art medical equipment of the highest international standard. This provides medical students with countless career opportunities.

Life on campus

China is now a center of interest for medical enthusiasts from all over the world, with students of different ethnic and racial backgrounds coming from all over the world. The cultural diversity while studying MBBS allows students to learn about different countries and their respective cultural and religious beliefs. Medical universities in China not only focus on educating their students, but also contribute to bringing the world closer to them through the constant interaction between different groups of students.

Many medical students from all over the world study in China, and therefore English is the primary language of instruction in most universities. International students can study in a healthy, interactive environment of international standard at a relatively low cost. Moreover, many medical schools in Chinese universities are impressive and promise a high standard and reliable education system. Laboratory facilities at medical schools are of the highest quality, and all equipment and machinery is of the latest and global standard.


Accommodation for international students at medical universities in China is excellent. The cost of living in China is significantly lower than in the rest of the world. International students do not have to worry about food, as universities have cafeterias where they can choose from a variety of dishes. This ensures that students do not feel far away from home.


As the number of international students at China Medical University continues to grow, the standard of living has become more unique. Students from all over the world are exposed to Chinese traditions and culture as they interact with each other. To expose international students to the magnificent and fascinating Chinese culture and customs, most Chinese universities organize a series of special events. The cultural events at universities represent several countries on campus and give each student the opportunity to make a unique impression on campus life.


The climate in China varies from place to place. Therefore, each city has its own seasonal beauty. Students can enjoy this weather during their study life on campus and during holiday trips.


China is a peaceful country with social harmony and security. The government provides a safe environment for international students to study and live in.

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