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MBBS in Kazakhstan for Pakistani students MBBS FACTS 2022-2023

There are many MBBS students in Kazakhstan who use the same course standards at minimal cost and at the same level. Medical education is the dream of millions of students and its importance continues to grow in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, however, these dreams remain the dreams of many unlucky applicants due to various issues and reasons.

The most important factor is that there are very few vacancies in administration and competition for these positions is fierce. However, MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure at private universities are very high and many people can afford them, but unfortunately many students find it difficult to pay these fees. Pakistani students in particular face problems like this: they are either in a financial crisis or they cannot find a place in the medical school they want.

Top 5 medical universities in Kazakhstan MBBS Official

Future doctors can study MBBS at the lowest price in the world. Moreover, the quality of education and facilities for medical students in Pakistan is limited. Studying MBBS abroad is not a preferred option for Pakistani students, but it is a good choice because the fee structure at PMC-accredited universities is low and affordable. Every year, around 10,000 Pakistani students go abroad to study MBBS. The modernization of teaching methods encourages Pakistani students to study abroad.

Why study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Read some interesting reasons why Pakistani students can study MBBS in Kazakhstan.

To get admitted to MBBS, students must first go through the admission process. Sometimes it is complicated, but getting into MBBS in Kazakhstan is simple and the admission process is very straightforward with no complications or difficulties. There are no large fees or donations to pay. The visa application process for students is very simple, easy and stress-free.

The university is recognized by WHO, PMC, GMC, IMED and USMLE.

Teaching is of a very high standard and quality and there is no requirement for postgraduate students to undergo medical examinations. The university offers education using world-class methods and ideologies. At the same time, they gain international experience, which is an advantage for them.

The cost of living is very low and affordable, and the students can opt for the merit system offered by the medical university to enhance their education. In their final year at university, students complete an internship and have the opportunity to work at the university hospital.

After graduation, they can return to their home countries to continue their studies or find a job.

They can take exams organized by the Pakistan Medical Council. They can also apply for jobs in the European Union and the United States. This qualification is recognized worldwide.

They should ensure the security and protection of the country and learn about its history and culture. This will give them the best experience.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

1. Cost-effectiveness

It is not possible for an average Pakistani family to study abroad due to high tuition fees and living costs, but now Kazakhstan universities are making it possible by offering medical programs at five times the cost of Pakistani universities.

2. Learning environment for English speakers

The official language of instruction in Kazakhstan is Russian. This language barrier overcomes for the benefit of international students by offering courses in English at Kazakh universities.

No English language test

Students are admitted directly to university and do not need to take entrance exams or English language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Kazakh universities do not require donations, only tuition fees to be admitted.

4. Modern and creative

Universities well equipped with all the resources students need to study and learn, and they staffed by qualified lecturers and teachers.

5. global recognition

Many graduates from Kazakhstan are working all over the world, taking advantage of their experience and opportunities. Kazakhstan has the largest number of graduates working in the medical sector each year and offers many opportunities for success in this field.

6 Easy admission procedure

Kazakh universities attract a large number of foreign applicants due to their simplified curricula and easy admission procedures. Only a few basic documents required for admission.

7 Approved by PMC

The University of Kazakhstan is PMC approved, which means that if a Pakistani wants to come back and do an internship in Pakistan, they can easily pass the PMC selection test, as it is important that all foreign students are eligible to work in Pakistan.

Study MBBS in Kazakhstan Recruitment Process

The admission process for medical colleges in Kazakhstan is very simple and transparent. Candidates must meet the required eligibility criteria and have original documents.

MBBS Eligibility in Kazakhstan

Candidates who want to apply for medical university in Kazakhstan must meet the following eligibility criteria.

The student must have passed 10+2 exams of F.SC (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English) and scored at least 50% marks by a recognized board.

The candidate must have completed 17 years of age on December 31 of the year of admission.

One must be in possession of a valid passport.

Documents required for Pakistani students applying for MBBS admission in Kazakhstan.

Only the following documents required to start the admission process.

Scanned copy of appointment letter 12

Scanned copy of valid passport

A passport size photograph

Application procedure for Pakistani students for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

To make an appointment to submit your application, please contact one of our consultants.

Complete the application form through us and submit the required documents.

Once the university accepts your application, you will receive an acceptance letter from us.

You will then need to present your passport to our office to arrange your visa, no worries, we will take care of this.

Once we receive your visa, we will provide you with your information and travel date.

Once the student arrives in Kazakhstan, pick-up arranged and all assistance provided.

Can medical studies done in Kazakhstan used in Pakistan?

Pakistan Medical Council has allowed the above mentioned medical universities to train Pakistani students in MBBS. Medical degrees from medical universities in Kazakhstan are valid after passing the National Licensing Examination (NLE), which organized by PMC. NLE is mandatory for all medical students graduating from foreign medical colleges who wish to practice in Pakistan.

Our Services

You will need all the above documents to start the admission process. We have selected the best medical universities where you can study in Kazakhstan. We will take care of all the steps starting from admission letter, PMC registration, visa confirmation and immigration.

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is an increasingly popular destination for those who want to study medicine and pursue their dreams of studying in Kazakhstan. We look at the country’s progress towards becoming a regional scientific hub in Central Asia and what prospective international students should know about Kazakhstan’s universities, local life and application process.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for students from Pakistan Fees

The largest and richest of the so-called state countries, Kazakhstan has long been an ethnically diverse country; according to the 2009 census, only 63% of the population were native Kazakhs. This international element is also an important feature of Kazakhstan’s higher education sector, where international cooperation and exchange is playing an increasingly important role and Kazakh universities are eager to host students and researchers from around the world.

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