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Whenever we talk about an abaya, the picture of a loose, flowy black garment comes to our mind. Muslim women wear it when they are out of their homes. Moreover, it is a common dress code for women in the Middle East and Gulf Countries. Abaya, now, is not just monochrome, in fact, it has evolved into elegant fashion wear. You can wear it for festivals, weddings, and parties. A lot of different options are now available in colors, stitching styles, and embroideries. Girls also like to add fancy accessories such as brooches, belts or pair them with a fancy scarf.

You’ll now get the latest abaya collections with price for every occasion. Online abaya shopping in Pakistan has made it accessible for women of every age and interest.

There is a lot more about an abaya which adds up to its versatility and uniqueness. Let’s have a deeper look;

1.    Symbol Of Simplicity and Modesty:

Islam is all about simplicity and not living for worldly pleasures. An Abaya is meant to be simple and usually black or pastel-colored to meet the essence of our religion.

Moreover, a simple loose piece of clothing looks modest. It does not reveal your figure or body type. Also, it conceals your age.

2.    Makes You Stand Out:

A Pious Muslim woman stands out and is identified when wearing an abaya. Islam gave its women a lot of rights that were not present in society before. In the same context, the commandment of wearing an abaya came to separate Muslim women from non-Muslim women. So that, they are given that status and respect in the society to which Islam has entitled them.

3.    Provides Freedom:


It’s sad that people, who are unaware of what a blessing an abaya is for a woman, think that it is oppressing us. As a matter of fact, an abaya gives us the liberty to move around without any hesitation. Moreover, it gives a feeling of safety and security in markets, offices, and even educational institutes.

Adding to this, it protects us from catcalling and nasty stares.

4.    Good For Lazy Days:

We all have those extremely lazy days when we don’t want to dress up. But does this mean we compromise on looking pretty? Not at all. We are meant to look pretty. So, the best thing about an abaya is that it can always cover up your wardrobe disasters. An abaya is now designer wear in itself.

Many renowned designers have launched abaya collections in Pakistan. We can find a variety of chiffon, velvet, and silk abayas embellished with lace or embroidery. An infinite range of options is available in scarves to pair up with an abaya. You can get a tie and dye, embroidered, embellished, printed, and sequined scarves. Also, some girls like to add a hijab cap for more details.

5.    Helps Hide Your Curves:

Gained a few inches? Too lazy for the gym? Why worry when we have got you covered? Literally ‘covered’ with a beautiful abaya. Well, that’s one of the things I love about the abaya. I do not have to worry about showing a little belly fat, double chin, or a round face as an abaya will cover all the flaws with sheer elegance.

Adding to all these immense benefits of an abaya, the topmost is that wearing an abaya is a religious obligation for Muslim Women. When they show obedience and submission to the Commandment of Allah, Abaya just does not remain a piece of clothing in fact it turns into a rewarding deed.

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