December 3, 2022

10 Things You May Not Know About Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia for those who seek information and facts. Wikipedia is an online fact collector that lets users use and edit the information available online.

You can find relevant sources and information on any topic you like. Wikipedia links the world together. The individual can find information about any corner of the world while sitting in one. 

But Wikipedia doesn’t just stop there. There is a lot to know about Wikipedia other than just the facts and information. Wikipedia has a lot more to learn about. Let’s explore the world of Wikipedia.

And find out if there is really something that we didn’t know about Wikipedia.  Wikipedia page creation service can also lend you some guide about Wikipedia.

10 Things You didn’t know about Wikipedia

As discussed, here are the 10 things that you didn’t know about Wikipedia. Read along and count the facts you know and see the score in the closing thoughts. 

  1. You Can’t Trust Wikipedia. 

Half of the copiers will be in the trauma for 2 minutes straight after reading the subheading. These copiers thought that Wikipedia had its back through all the time. It is true.

Wikipedia doesn’t expect us to trust them. Wikipedia is just a fact collector and online library that puts forward all the information they have. We simply can’t trust every bit of information available online. Now the reason behind this fact will also end up in another fact. 

  1. Not for sale 

Being a huge and one of the most successful websites, anybody can think that Wikipedia can be a deal of profit on any given day.

But to put a full stop to the desires of many investors, Wikipedia clarifies on their page that Wikipedia is not for sale. Wikipedia wants to remain simply as a website with the closed board of members that they have. Wikipedia has been off the market for a very long time. 

  1. In The Long Run 

Unlike other successful websites and apps, Wikipedia is one online platform that is running in the race a lot before others.

Similarly, Wikipedia wants to be around the world helping people for a long period of time. Wikipedia wants to help people even after 100 years from today. 

  1. Mere Fact Collector 

Assuming from the success of Wikipedia, one can be mistaken that Wikipedia gets paid for featuring articles. But that’s not quite the case.

Wikipedia is a mere fact collecting website. Wikipedia just requires writers to put up an article online that has a neutral point of view and is also credible. There needs to be a perfect source and citation behind the article to back it up. 

  1. Changeable Content 

Yes, you read it right. The content that you see and read on Wikipedia is changeable. The user edit feature of Wikipedia allows users to edit and use the content that is put up online.

This is one of the reasons that Wikipedia doesn’t expect us to trust the website blindly. But to put a full stop to mischief, Wikipedia has a committee almost with which you can discuss and object to the information shared online. 

  1. Use Content With Conditions 

Unlike other informational websites, Wikipedia allows users to use the content and information mentioned online.

But there are certain conditions that one has to fulfill if they don’t want the tag of plagiarism. The users need to give due credit to the writer or author of the article instead of claiming it as their own. 

  1. Over 300 Language 

It should not come as a big surprise that Wikipedia speaks more than 300 languages. Among those 300 languages, 100 languages have a wide variety of articles.

This versatility of language comes half from the translations and half from the written by the writers. This versatility of Wikipedia through different languages also plays a big role in making it what it is today. 

  1. 10 sisters of Wikipedia 

You might be thinking that Wikipedia is just one working unit. But you are wrong. Wikipedia has another 10 working units that you must not have known about till now.

These work units are called as 10 sisters of Wikipedia. To name, these 10 sisters of Wikipedia are Wikibooks, Wikitravel, wikiHow, wiktionary, etc. Now don’t forget to check these 10 sisters of Wikipedia out too. 

  1. Board Of Cuties 

You will be left awe-struck after you read about the Board of Cuties that is a part of Wikipedia. The Board of Cuties is assembled to promote cuteness and plush toys through the Wikimedia movement. The Board Of Cuties also has an association running named as Wikimedia Cuteness Association. 

  1. Wikipedia Monument 

You must be surprised to know that there is a Wikipedia monument. But why won’t there be? With the number of followers and success Wikipedia does deserve homage.

To pay an Armenian sculptor designed a statue. The monument is located in Poland in case you want to pay a visit. 


As you have read through the article, the facts that you must have known can be only 1. Other than that, all the facts were surprising enough. Until today we thought of Wikipedia just as a fact collecting online website. But now that we have come to know about the hidden facts, Wikipedia seems more like a community rather than just a website.

Ironically enough, these facts are also sourced from Wikipedia itself. Starting from the shock to copiers till the anarchist, everyone must be left shook after reading this article. But still, Wikipedia is up hailed for a reason.

And Wikipedia will still continue to be one of the most browsed websites. We will still live with the option that there will be more facts about Wikipedia that we don’t know. One can also create their company profile with the help of the Wikipedia profile creation service.

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