Bangalore, which is also known as Bengaluru in Kannada, has been dubbed the Garden City and was once renowned as a Pensioner’s Paradise. It is the capital of Karnataka, an Indian state. It is one of India’s most important and bustling metropolitan cities, and it is the domicile to several of the country’s most prestigious colleges and research institutes. Bengaluru also has certain attractions, such as historical temples, nightlife, and mouthwatering cuisine. Are you planning a trip to Bangalore and want to see everything there is to see? 

The following is a list of prominent places in Bangalore that you should surely visit! 

Commercial Street, Bangalore

Commercial Street is a shopping paradise where you may find beautiful products at incredible prices.  It is one of the first retail areas that a newcomer to the city is educated about. Visitors might seize some elegant materials for sewing clothing or go for fashionable products that are ideal for informal occasions or gatherings. You’ll find everything you need here, from multicolored bangles to jazz up your traditional wardrobe and attractive handbags to go with ball gowns, to premium cosmetics, sophisticated dining sets, and lovely home modern interior accessories.

Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur

All of us aspire to visit interesting spots to explore in Bangalore with Relatively cool self drive vehicle renting, and Nandi Hills is no exception! It’s a great spot for birdwatching and trekking. Temples from the Chola period can also be seen on the hill. The British built big bungalows and created magnificent gardens in this area, drawn by the pleasant environment. They accomplished in transforming Nandi Hills into a lovely hill station. The breathtaking hairpin bends and pleasant routes running through beautiful nature make it a cyclist’s dream come true. 

Chola Temples

Upon defeating the Western Gangas, Chola Temples were built at Bangalore, Karnataka, during the 10th and 13th century CE.  At temples such as the Old Madiwala Someshwara Temple, Domlur Chokkanathaswamy Temple, Sri Ananda Lingeshwara Temple, and Halasuru Someshwara Temple, amongst many others, behold history via eye-catching engravings, figurines, and other embellishments.

Wonderla, Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park situated in Bengaluru, Mysore road,  Kochi is India’s Best Amusement Park & Resort! 

One can either enjoy the rollercoaster ride to alleviate stress or perhaps rest by the pool. While it is best renowned for its high-speed dry thrills, it also offers some more relaxing and enjoyable rides, so there is plenty to choose from.

ISKCON Temple, Bangalore 

In 1997, the ISKCON Sri Radha Krishna temple was dedicated. Under the direction of Madhu Pandit Dasa, the temple is noted for its initiatives engaging devoted worshippers of Lord Krishna. Due to its popularity with tourists, this temple is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Bangalore.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a globally recognized center for horticultural artwork, scientific research of plants, and plant preservation, located in Bangalore. It spans 240 acres in the center of the city and is home to roughly 1,854 plant species. Unique plant and flora species can be found here. 

Ulsoor Lake 

The lovely Ulsoor Lake, which is located in the city center, suffered through a period of neglect prior to getting freshened up again. Kempegowda II constructed it, and it is open every day except Wednesdays. Boating in the lake, which also has a walking track along the beach, allows tourists to enjoy the sunset views.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is a well-known nature reserve that is home to a variety of critically endangered creatures including tigers, lions, bison, leopards, and wild boars. The park is highly distinctive in the sense that it includes a zoo, a butterfly exhibit, an aquarium, a snake house, a safari park, and a full-service animal rescue center. Travelers will be in for a bit of a surprise when they visit this exciting nature park.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City is an Indian movie theme park located in Bidadi, which is around 40 kilometers from Mysore on the urban periphery. As to whether you want to shop, dine, lunch or casually roam and discover, or relive your childhood, Film City seems to have something special to present you. 

This charming spot appeals to both children and adults. So, if you’re ever in Bangalore, consider visiting this destination alongside your friends or family members.

 Jaanapada Loka

Janapada Loka tends to mean ‘Folk World,’ and it is dedicated to promoting, maintaining, and promulgating the very dynamic vernacular culture and history, as the definition implies. This massive complex spans 15 acres and incorporates a glistening blue lake, beautiful greenery, local cafes providing specially formulated and culturally famous Karnataka cuisine, and even a tiny children’s play area! 

Think about taking a Bengaluru leisurely stroll to explore many of the city’s highlights. There are many more locations of interest to investigate, whether you’re looking for a getaway from the city or a guest who wants to spend a day admiring nature’s abounding beauty.

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