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Sustainable architecture is one of the fields with the greatest projection for the future within the construction sector. We use environmentally open materials from Top Construction Companies In UAE. And the application of construction solutions aimed at greater energy efficiency is gradually gaining ground in architectural projects. And not only because developers, architects and builders are more aware. But also, because the regulations begin to force us to take these criteria into account in any project.

But we can go one step further. Respect for the environment must include us (human beings). Who, after all, are also part of this environment? And are the end users of a large part of the constructions we carry out today. The immediate step together with sustainable and efficient architecture is respectful construction. Not only with the environment, but also with its occupants, the people.

Interior Lining from Recycled Natural Fiber

With the development of cities and construction techniques, a multitude of materials have appeared that facilitated processes and speeded up the execution of projects. Used many of them for years without considering whether they were sustainable. Also, whether they were harmful or beneficial to humans.

It is important to cover the interior of our homes with healthy materials.

In the materials used today, many paints, coatings and additives release certain substances into the air that prove to favor the appearance of diseases. Many of them respiratory, such as asthma.

Today, there are more and more individuals and companies interested in the development. And use of sustainable and healthy materials for people. These are those that do not generate harmful or polluting emissions. Neither in their manufacturing process, nor in their use phase. Nor for the environment, nor for human beings. Or, at least, those that are less harmful compared to others.

Construction Of Wooden House

Top Construction Companies In UAE

It is true that we already have at our disposal many materials that meet these requirements. And which we have already talked about in previous posts. Materials such as follows:

  • Natural Stone,
  • Baked Clay,
  • Wood (From Responsible Logging),
  • Cork (A Magnificent Thermal-Acoustic Insulator),
  • Lime Mortar,
  • Or Polypropylene (For Plumbing)

These are just some of the materials that meet these conditions. These materials, many of them natural or with minimal prior treatment. Help to improve the interior environment of our homes. Basically, because they do not produce any type of emissions or transformations.

Adobe Bricks

But what happens if we try to combine these properties of healthy. And sustainable materials with the technologies. And construction systems available in the construction industry? The project, led by several companies. This has been researching in this regard for several years and has already obtained some results.

Its objective is the creation of different types of panels to use those can be in multiple parts of buildings. Which will be sustainable and at the same time have properties. We find them to improve the environment in which they are. Creating healthy environments and spaces for human beings. It is not that these materials are harmless to people. But that they contribute to improving the interior and exterior environment of buildings.

Materials Made Up of Bio-Composites

The panels developed in the project are modular, multilayer, lightweight and made up of Bio-Composites. Many of which come from wood. These systems will be usable both in new construction. And in reforms and rehabilitations and will improve the quality of the air. And the environment in several ways:

  • They eliminate microorganisms from the interior environment (neutralize VOCs).
  • They improve thermal-acoustic insulation (compared to traditional systems).
  • They control the permeability of the building (humidity control).

To achieve these goals, the technologies and materials used to manufacture them are highly innovative.

Facade System Developed from Biological Composite Materials

The façade panels made up of a resistant core with a pultruded structure made from bio-composites. To which we attach several layers of thermo-acoustic insulation (made up of cork and bio-foam). The outermost layer is customizable and made up of resins epoxy and wood fiber panels with 3D development.

Finally, the inner face, combines bio-foams with light wood fiber panels treated with an active coating. Which acts by eliminating VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), thus improving the quality of the indoor air.

Real Sample of Facade Panel Developed

The multilayer interior distribution system developed to make the lightened wood fiber panels, bio-foam panels, and cork panels, forming something like a sandwich panel. These multilayer panels greatly improve the acoustic properties of the partitions used today (gypsum or brick panels). We offer the same mechanical resistance. And include a halogen-free fire-retardant treatment.

Acoustic multilayer panels, with active coating and fire resistant for interior partitions.

Currently we test all these systems. And will incorporate into an apartment and part of the façade.

Curtain Wall Panels Made from Natural Fiber Composites

We are committed to quality, close, and trustworthy architecture. This includes making available to our clients. The incorporation of the latest technologies, solutions, and materials. In our projects to always guarantee their maximum well-being.

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