Top Medical Universities In Russia

Best Medical Universities For Pakistani Students In Russia

Russian medical universities are ranked 30th in the WHO’s top 100 medical universities. Russian universities offer the most modern and advanced medical education in the world, with each medical center well-equipped and teaching methods developed and maintained.

The WHO and the Pakistan PMC accredit Top Medical Universities In Russia. Excellent facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and infrastructure make MBBS training in Russia the first choice of Pakistani students. According to the Pakistani Embassy in Moscow, more than 6,000 Pakistani students are currently studying in Russia’s excellent medical universities.

These are the best Russian medical universities for Pakistani students due to their reputation and research in their respective fields.

#1 Moscow State Medical University (Russia)

Moscow State Medical University is the oldest medical university in Russia. Moscow State Medical University (Russia) Founded in 1758, Moscow State Medical University (Russia) is Russia’s leading medical university and is home to most of the country’s medical faculties and scientific societies. The first Moscow Sechenov State Medical University is ranked 1321st in the “World Universities” ranking. For more than two centuries, Sechenov University has been a pioneer of the Russian medical system. In 2018, Sechenov University celebrated its 260th anniversary.

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Bashkir State Medical University Bashkir State Medical University is one of the largest medical and scientific centers in Ufa, Russia. The Russian Ministry of Education allows Bashkir State Medical University to educate foreign students. Bashkir State Medical University is one of the top five medical universities in Russia. World ranking: 3538; annual tuition fee: 2 73 000 rubles More information.

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Volgograd State Medical University, Russia Volgograd State Medical University ranks among Russian medical universities. Since its foundation, it has attracted highly qualified staff with teaching experience from all over the world. At present, the university has 763 highly qualified professors and associate professors, including 11 research fellows, 96 professors, and 401 associate professors. The worldwide ranking is 3108 and the annual tuition fee is 5900 dollars.

Crimean State Medical University, Russia

Crimean State Medical University Crimean State Medical University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Russia, with a total enrollment of approximately 5,000 students. It is the highest medical educational institution in Simferopol, Russia. It independently ranked among the top 10 medical faculties in Russia.

Crimean Medical University is the center of academic and professional medical education and medical sciences in Crimea, offering specialized education in general medicine and pharmacy. World ranking: 3512; annual tuition fee: 2.5 million rubles.

Oryol State University, Russia

Oryol State University, Russia Oryol State University, Russia is unique in many ways. Oryol State University is the only classical university in Russia that is a member of the Union of Classical Universities. Oryol State University implements 110 basic programs of higher education in a wide group of 14 educational areas and specializations. Today, the university continues the best traditions of medical education in Russia. World ranking.

Belgorod State University, Russia

Belgorod State University has achieved the status of a research university among the top universities in Russia. Belgorod State University Faculty of Medicine This new status creates special conditions for development.

Winning this competition proves that Belgorod State University recognized at the federal level not only for implementing a two-tier system of human resource development in the field of high technology and applied research but also for ensuring effective technology transfer to the Russian economy. World ranking: 857th; annual tuition fee: 4900 USD.

Saint Petersburg State Medical University (Russia)

One of the best medical universities in Russia, St Petersburg State Medical University makes an important contribution to the development of medicine and medical services in Russia and recognized worldwide as a leading center for the training of specialists in various medical fields.

The University has great potential in the field of research and maintains good relations with many medical schools and research institutions in different countries. Students studying at St Petersburg State Medical University have the opportunity to study at a modern level while preserving the best traditions of the old Russian medical universities. World ranking 3804, annual tuition fees £3.0 million, more information.

Kazan State Medical University, Russia

Kazan State Medical University, Russia Kazan State Medical University is in central Russia. Kazan State Medical University is one of the most famous medical universities in Russia and has previously graduated thousands of Pakistanis. Kazan State Medical University is a multi-functional, multi-level national institution of higher education in the field of medicine. Kazan State Medical University, world ranking 3358, tuition fee 350 000 per year Read more.

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Orenburg State Medical University founded in 1944. Orenburg State Medical University Russia Orenburg State Medical University considered the best university in Russia for Pakistani students. The faculty provides students with specialization in general medicine. Around 200 specialists graduate from this university every year and serve patients around the world. The curriculum offers approximately 54 courses. Global ranking 5109, tuition fee 4000 per year More information.

Altai National Medical University

Altai National Medical University Altai National Medical University (AGMU) is one of Russia’s leading medical universities providing quality medical education in the Western Siberian region. Altai State Medical University is located in Barnaul, the capital of the Altai region in southeastern Russia. For 60 years, Altai State Medical University has been supplying competent specialists to the regional health system. World ranking 4471, tuition fee 3,000/year More information.

Kursk State Medical University, Russia

Kursk State Medical University Russia Founded in 1935, Kursk State Medical University is one of the top medical universities in Russia, located in Kursk, 465 km from Moscow. Kursk State Medical University highly regarded as one of the best medical universities in Russia and enjoys high status.

Kursk State Medical University was the first medical university in Russia to start MBBS training in English. As a result, many international students come to Kursk State Medical University to study for MBBS. 4344th place in the world, tuition fee – 30 000 euro per year More information.

A list of Russian medical universities approved by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) has been published, based on information from the relevant Pakistani Embassy/High Commission.

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