Wentworth, a small town in southwest NSW close to the border to Victoria State represents the confluence of Murray and Darling rivers here. Despite its small size, this town is abundant in history, culture, and natural attractions that travelers can explore. With several adventure-packed activity options and much more possibilities, Wentworth has made itself visible as one of the best vacation destinations in Inland Australia.

Once one of Australia’s busiest Inland river ports Wentworth as of present has been successfully established as a lively town perfect for spending a weekend. The locals are welcoming and you can have a great time even on a tight budget here. Similarly, the nearest airport at Midura is only less than an hour’s drive from here. Wentworth is just the perfect balance you are looking for between nature, history, and adventure to have a great time. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at our picks for the top 10 attractions in Wentworth.

1. Perry Sandhills

The natural dunes of Perry Sandhills are said to have originated about 40,000 years ago as a result of the Ice Age according to geologists. Just 6 Km away from the town you can have a pleasant time admiring these formations. These scenic sandhills are the locations of several iconic movies and you can have an interesting time exploring the surroundings here.  

2. Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

The Australian Inland Botanical gardens are the first semi-arid botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. The 49 hectares of the area here is home to over 20,000 species of plants from Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, North, and South Americas. One of the major highlights of the garden is the section of the rose garden with an impressive array of 1624 color arranged rose bushes.

3. Old Wentworth Gaol

The Old Wentworth Gaol in the Beverly Street of this town is a site with history, architecture, and stories alike. Made in 1879-1881 AD by colonial architect James Barnett, this Gaol is considered to be the first of its kind in Australia. You can explore this living monument and admire the architecture and history of it while you are in the town.

4. Mungo National Park

For nature lovers who adore aboriginal history and lifestyle, Mungo National Park is the place to visit. About a three-hour drive from Wentworth you can have a thrilling day at the park and return back to the town omitting Midura. The landscape here is truly amazing and you can be amazed by the scenic dry lake basins too. There are several Wentworth hotels offering tours at the park with a package including food accommodation and guides as well.

5. Wentworth Pioneer Museum

If you love to explore and learn while enjoying a calm vacation in Wentworth, visit the Pioneer Museum here. It houses over 3000 artifacts, fossils from different periods (Dating up to 1.5 million years), and relics from the history of the town. You can also find the pictures section with riverboats and the original building of the country displayed beautifully.

6. River Cruises in Wentworth

Wentworth is the town where two of the largest and most important rivers in Australia meet with each other. Due to the beautiful Murray and Darling Rivers Wentworth offers amazing river cruises. You will pass by the highlights of the town and admire the river ecosystem as well during this cruise. After completing the tour you can relax back in one of the amazing Wentworth resorts.  

7. Junction Park

Junction Park is a beautiful park right at the confluence of the Murray and Darling rivers. The park is fantastic for picnics and family getaways. From playgrounds to watchtowers you can plan a full day of activity here. Wentworth motels around also provide family-friendly rooms for you to end the day.

8. O’Donnel Park

Our second park on the list, O’Donnell Park is the local’s favorite picnic spot just beside the Murray River. There is a small playground at one end of the park while a sporting field on the other end is perfect for some exercise. Try some local cuisine in the Wentworth restaurants after you visit the Park.

9. Historic Wentworth Wharf

The Wentworth Wharf was once one of the busiest ports in New South Wales built-in 1879. Although the old wharf was demolished in 1983, you can explore the exact replica of it here. The Wharf highlights the trade routes that the river facilitated long before modern transportation infrastructure here. It is a memory of what this iconic town used to be a century or so ago.

10. Lake Cullulleraine

This lake is made popular by the lakehouses in the region which you can rent while in this region. Lake Cullulleraine is a relaxing body of water that you can admire in the plain landscape of NSW. Wentworth has so much more to offer to travelers that visiting once might not be enough. The possibility to reach the nearby attraction in a small period makes this town a complete destination for a nice vacation. Plan your next getaway here in a Spa Motel or Wentworth hotel to cap your stay here. 

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