A business lawyer has legal expertise in commercial law. They provide legal services and advice to companies and businesses to manage their business’s affairs. Their job is to ensure that everything done at your business or company is done legally and abides by all laws and regulations. A business lawyer has a wide range of expertise and can help you with anything from contracts to mergers to business planning.

Whether you have just started with your business or are planning to scale it, you should hire a business lawyer to deal with the legal affairs of your business. In the long term, you can save a lot of money and time in litigation if you have a lawyer with you in your business journey. To contact the best business lawyers Calgary, get in touch with Du Plooy Law. They have expertise in a wide array of sectors such as tax law, property law and estate planning with an international client base.

What does a Business Lawyer Do?
A business lawyer can help you effectively grow your business, as scaling a business comes with challenges. They can tailor unique solutions to your business challenges and help you create a solid foundation for your business. Lawyers with expertise in this area can handle various crucial functions such as:

1. Business Incorporation: Starting a business is no easy task. You are bombarded with a lot of legal paperwork to make your business formally exist. A lawyer can help you file this paperwork while simplifying the process for you. They can weigh out the pros and cons and help you make informed decisions.

2. Compliances: Any violation of the laws or regulations can end up you receiving a substantial fine. A business lawyer can help you make sure that all of the regulations and legal etiquette are followed correctly and on schedule. Thus, you save both money and time as chances of complex future legal disputes reduce significantly.

3. Regulatory Matters and Licensing: Every business operation needs various licenses to perform business operations. A business lawyer can help you draft these licensing agreements by specifying conditions such as financial arrangements and time.

4. Contract Drafting and Reviewing: Contracts in a business are an inescapable part. Whether you need to hire an independent contractor or long term employees, you need a well-drafted contract. A business lawyer can help you negotiate, draft and review these contracts as per your requirements to safeguard your rights and interest.

5. Taxes: Taxes can become tricky when running a business. You should contact a business lawyer who specialises in tax if you need legal guidance on your business’s tax condition, ideal tax designation, or tax repercussions.

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