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In the past, less than ten years ago, it may have appeared odd to buy items on Facebook. This is what eBay or Craigslist were designed for, weren’t they? But when Facebook Marketplace launched in 2016, it quickly proved to be a viable option for sellers and buyers.

The launch of Facebook’s online shopping arrived at the perfect time. Users were already making buy-and-sell groups and signing up through the site. Facebook recently officially launched it.

You can purchase and sell items within your local community on Facebook Marketplace. If you’re a U.S.-based seller, you can trade throughout the entire continental United States.

In contrast to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace provides ratings and public profiles for buyers and sellers. Ratings that can be seen in buy facebook likes apps available for Android and iOS help both parties feel more confident about their transactions.

Through Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger, you can talk to potential customers. Facebook Pay simplifies the payment process, but you can also make other payments, including cash or PayPal.

There’s a way to sell anything on Facebook Marketplace that you want to sell, from TVs to cars to ice skates, old or new. You can even put up houses to rent!

Furthermore, since Facebook can be joined for free and does not charge fees for sellers, It’s an excellent platform for those looking to make a profit selling products online.

Here’s a guide on how to begin.

What can I do to sell my products through Facebook Marketplace?

The first thing to do is create an account for your selling product. This is how to do it using the Facebook application for iOS:

Choose Facebook Marketplace from the main menu and then select the Sell button located at the highest on the Marketplace menu.

You will be prompted to select four kinds of advertisements: cars, home items available for rent or sale, and jobs.

Next, upload a picture such as a name, price, category condition, address, description, etc. You can also arrange a no-contact pickup if you’d prefer not to contact the buyer.

Once you’ve entered the needed details, click Next, then publish to make your page live. It will be available to everyone via Facebook or off. (You may block the post from your Facebook friends if that’s what you want to do.)

Let’s then break down the four sale categories in the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace categories

This is a list of what’s allowed and prohibited in each sales category.


All items should be tangible, physical items.

Approved products include electronics and clothing, entertainment, family hobbies, gardening and home, and bargains.

If you’ve outgrown the size of your Nintendo Wii, you’ll likely get a buyer from Facebook Marketplace if you price the item correctly. The same applies to couches, TVs, tables, bookshelves, baby equipment, and other household items.

The prohibited items that are not allowed on Facebook Marketplace include weapons, ammunition, animals, tobacco, drugs, nutritional supplements, adult-related items and products, genuine or counterfeit currency, health products, and any item with photos of before and after included, as well as recalls of products.


It’s straightforward to purchase and sell used cars on Facebook Marketplace.

My friend bought an old Toyota truck, which was fully equipped to go off-road. He found the car on Facebook Marketplace on a Saturday morning, researched, and then made a deal with the seller and picked it up the next day. He’s been in love with it since.

To put your car up for sale, use NADAguides or Kelley Blue Book to determine the worth of your car and how much similar vehicles are being sold for.

In your description, you should include the year of purchase, the make and model, the miles, the reason for selling the car, and any issues the vehicle may be experiencing. It’s not a reason to discourage potential buyers. A majority of used cars have some flaws. It’s better to admit it upfront instead of avoiding the issue that could lead to an unhappy customer later.

If you’ve kept detailed logs of the vehicle’s upkeep, mention that. This adds credibility to your list.

The pros and negatives of selling on Facebook Marketplace

Like any other e-commerce platform, there are advantages and drawbacks to the selling process on Facebook.


Facebook boasts 2.4 billion daily active users. From that, around 75% of them check Facebook throughout the day. If you’re not the in the middle of nowhere, there’s bound to be a lot of Facebook users — or potential buyers in your vicinity as well as potential customers to ship your products across the country.

Because of Facebook’s highly sophisticated algorithms, anyone in your region can see your listings. It’s also simple to share your listings on your Facebook groups and other platforms that are linked or partnered with Facebook, which boosts the visibility of your listing.

Since you can interact with your customers via Messenger, they can access your Facebook profile, understand them, and build their confidence in your company.

The more professionally designed listing appears and is, the better it will be for your sales. It’s easy to enhance your listing, for instance, when you upload and organize your photos up to 10 at a go which buyers can browse.

You can choose who will pay for shipping. Making and printing shipping labels with the platform is simple and affordable for the buyer. If you purchase, the shipping costs are instantly deducted from the value of the purchase.

If you sell your products as a seller through Facebook Marketplace’s check-out system, your customer is covered by Facebook’s Paycheck Protection policies. This increases trust among customers.

The Cons

It’s not necessarily a disadvantage. However, it’s essential to know whether you’d instead not open an account for sale.

If you are selling multiple copies of the same item, you must create separate lists for each product you sell. Selling various documents in an object is permitted when you are posting on an official page, but even so, sellers have complained about problems.

Facebook will send you emails with updates regarding your listing. However, you might or may not receive phone calls.

Facebook Marketplace rules

Apart from offering and selling the most appropriate products, the second rule for marketing in the Facebook Marketplace is to ship items promptly.

If you’re a seller on Facebook Marketplace, you must ship within three days of completing an offer. The delivery must be made within ten days from the date of sale.

There’s no standard for negotiations against buyers. However, you’re likely to be in that position.

How do you negotiate with buyers?

Its average buyers will seek to negotiate the price, and it’s recommended to stay clear of doing this through Messenger. Buyers often wait for the next seller instead of cutting their expenditures.

If you’re shipping goods, It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to bargain on the price you’ve established. For in-person transactions, an exchange straight to cash or check is recommended.

How much will it cost to market on Facebook Marketplace?

There is no cost for anyone to sell their products on Facebook Marketplace, and there’s no cost or cost to sign up with Facebook and Facebook Marketplace.

If you are operating on Facebook Marketplace as a merchant, There is a 5% cost for all transactions, with an initial charge of $0.40.

If you decide to sell an item at $5, you’ll pay $.40 on the transaction even though the fee of 5% is $.25.

Can I advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

You can make an ad that is paid for to show within the Facebook Marketplace using the Ads Manager tool. Create and design an ad, choose the daily budget, and choose the best location for your advertisement click here.

If you opt for the automatic option (which Facebook recommends), Facebook will display your profile there, including Marketplace, Facebook and its News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

Ads have Sponsored Labels so that consumers know they’re advertising.

How do you handle the details of your Facebook Marketplace listings?

The best way to make your mark as a vendor on Facebook Marketplace is to make your listing stand out by optimizing each component.

Make professional photographs of your merchandise. Be sure to write product descriptions carefully. After that, you can split-test the descriptions and images on the potential audience of buyers using PickFu’s online polling platform.

Ask questions such as “Which picture of the product makes people want to press the button?” or “Which description will make you want to purchase the item?” You’ll receive unbiased results and written explanations from the people who answered. https://startupgb.com/

In the PickFu Poll below, the seller compared three images of the wildflower seed packet. The results indicated that customers prefer to look at the actual product within the image.

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