Illustrations of fashion are an essential element of the process used by fashion designers to communicate design elements such as length and fit of clothes. Fashion sketches are also used as a mood board for fashion shows, which illustrates the way designers want their clothes to appear and feel on models. The possibilities don’t end there, however; designers may use sketches to show off their styles through various images or backgrounds. Fashion figure template could be considered art by itself Fashion illustrators usually offer their work in prints nowadays.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler (if you need to be very exact)
  • A sketchpad (duh! )

How to Draw a Female Fashion Figure

Create a Balance Line

Outline. This is known as the equilibrium line a.k.a. the line that determines the center of gravity for the human body. The balance line is always extending from the neck’s base (where it connects with shoulder joints) straight down to the ground.

Draw the Head

Draw a head using the middle in the middle of the line. When drawing the head, draw an enormous circle on top with a smaller circle beneath it. Join these two circles on the sides using slightly diagonal lines, like the one shown below.

Measure the Head

The head can be measured with a pencil or ruler. Based on the measurement above, trace nine tiny dots that are equal in distance and then count them starting from the top of the cheeks (#1) from the foot’s bottom (#10 ).

Draw A Line (For shoulders, bust, and waist, hips high hip, the crotch)

To define the top portion of your body, trace lines that extend between 1 1/2 head to 2 1/4 3,3 1/2 to 4 1/4 heads as shown below. These lines mark exactly where your shoulders bust waist, hips, and crotch area and where the high hip, waist, shoulders, and crotch are located. The elbows are located along the waistline at the 3-head mark.

Create Lines for Knees & Ankles

Draw the features by drawing simple lines. The shoulders of the figure of a woman in fashion are 1 1/2 head wide, while the waist measures a head’s width and the hips must be around 1 1/4 head wide. Thus, the woman’s fashion croquis should be in an hourglass shape.

Draw the Legs

To mark the lower portion of the body note 6 1/2 heads, as well as 9 for the knees as well as ankles, respectively.

Finalize the Feet

Draw the legs by drawing lines that curvature and narrow when they travel from the hips to the knees for the legs. To draw the calves draw smaller circular shapes by curving lines that originate from the knees before tapering them towards the ankles. The ankles are slightly sloping on the inside of the leg.

The legs (from the high hip to the knee), as well as the calves (from knee to ankle), must be the same length.

The head is drawn to the feet

The final head is designed for feet, which start at the ankle, and then flare out diagonally for about 3/4 of the head until they join at a point.

Draw the Hands

Draw your hands in the same way. The hands should begin near the crotch. The fingers should finish just a bit over the 5-head mark.

How to Draw Figure Movement

After you have your proportions in order, it’s time to show the figures the ability to move! Three essential elements that all fashion models require to have: a balanced line an upper shoulder and a high hip that is opposite.

Begin by drawing a new model. But this is the time (after creating the balance line and placing on the head marks of 10) to turn the shoulder line to ensure that you have one of the sides higher. The high hip should be tilted also, however, on the other side being higher.

As an example, below I have made the right shoulder higher so that the left hip would be higher to ensure that the figure is balanced. Do it yourself When you lean your shoulders forward and then your shoulders, what happens to your hips?

Furthermore, when you tilt areas of the body then all the other body parts follow in the same manner. Anything above the hip will be influenced by the shoulder’s tilt as everything below follows the hips’ tilt However, each tilt is not as severe as the hips and shoulders.

There’s a further rule that fashion models should adhere to that is the leg that comes from the hip’s high point cannot be bent, and the foot must be placed into the center line. This ensures that the figure is balanced. You can also try the technique by shifting weight onto one foot. If this happens you will notice that the leg which is supporting the weight is not able to bend.

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