Gold Foil Boxes
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These days people are more prone to buy such products which are stylish and look aesthetically valuable. With the evolution in customers’ shopping experience, the customers gauge the quality of products from their custom packaging. If the packaging is stylish and showier then it depicts the product standing and positive brand image in consumers’ minds. Companies are adopting stylish, alluring, unique, and luxurious packaging solutions and expressions that can complement the high profile of their expensive products. Using gold and silver rush as foiling and embossing in Gold Foil Boxes and silver foil boxes give them an elegant and refined look with luxury packaging.

This luxury packaging not only appeals to the customers by its alluring look but also provides compatibility with the expensive price tags of the products. Custom packaging for small businesses has adapted foil stamping, embossing / debossing, unique printing and coating techniques along with creative graphics and designs to give their product a premium look.

An Antique Print Technique That Adds a Dash of Modern Chic and Charm

Foil stamping is a unique way to add sophistication and luxury to a design, making it more premium or expensive. A special printing technique uses heat, pressure, and metal foil to print details or graphics on various types of paper. The range of colors and finishes is simply huge, ranging from gold, silver, and bronze to holographic and mother-of-pearl. At the same time, classic gold is still the most popular. Although gold foil seems modern, the technique itself is far from new. After all, the earliest use of real gold leaf to decorate calligraphy dates back to 400 AD. At the same time, gold foil began to be used to highlight letters in manuscripts in the Byzantine Empire, Italy, and Ireland.

Make Your Gold Foil Boxes Shine Like a Diamond with Gold Foil Stamping

Gold foil stamping is the only printing technique that can elevate the perception of design to elegant and luxurious. Even the simplest, minimalist designs can grab the eye of the viewer with a gold-plated finish. Whether gold is used in the smallest detail or in the most wasteful way. Gold stamping is a win-win printing option when you want to make something irresistible and eye-catching. From a stroke of a brush to a full-fledged fill golden element take the whole composition to a new level, adding a sense of luxury and exclusivity. This is prestigious and helps the design stand out from the competition. Gold foil boxes are used to keep more exquisite stuff.

Using gold foil boxes is a clever way to differentiate and grab attention as it not only adds a shine that grabs the attention of the consumer or viewer. But also adds a unique tactile experience – i.e. further enhances the perception of the design as a whole. Foil can be used in a large number of ways. Recently, gold stamping technology has become in demand for custom packaging for small businesses of wedding and jewelry accessories, cosmetic, perfumes, and wine brands.

Make Your Silver Foil Boxes Worthy and Charming with Silver Foil Stamping

Silver foil stamping is also used in packaging to make adorable silver foil boxes. These silver foil boxes are a precious addition to attracting retail customers to any product. Fine silver foil paper, high grade material, and high-quality ink is used in the manufacturing of silver foil boxes. OBT Packaging provides you with appealing and captivating high-quality metalized silver foil boxes to attract the retail customer base. These boxes are opted by bakers, gift makers, jewelers, and confectioners to give their products an impeccable and glossy effect. Their frosty shine is soothing to the eyes and brings the actual product to the limelight.

Embossing and Debossing to Create a Wow Factor in the Custom Packaging

These days packaging companies are acquiring the printing techniques of embossing and debossing to allure their boxing for custom packaging of small businesses. In embossing the logo, text, graphics, or desired image of the box is raised from the surface of the box by the application of heat and pressure. And in debossing the logo is pressed or stamped down from the surface of the box. These logos are filled with silver, gold, or bronze foil to give them a luxurious look. Sometimes other glossy inks are also used. Gold or silver embossing is also widespread in the design of perfume, coffee, and tea packaging. Manufacturers of expensive products utilize the embossing / debossing effect to add depth to their print collateral and attract the target audience. Two dies are used to manufacture this effect.

Use of Value-added Finishing Solutions of Coating and Laminates

When the prints of the packaging box are come out of the press and ink has been applied to it then finishing solutions like coating. Laminates come into play to secure it and make it aesthetically desirable. To change the look and feel of the packaging box different layers of coating and laminates like gloss AQ, spot gloss, matte UV, Gloss UV are used to pop out brand name or logo in a stunning and alluring image. These coatings and laminating films also provide strength and protection to the custom boxes for packaging. Laminate films are more durable than normal coatings and provide more protection and sturdiness than the latter one.

Creative Designs and Shapes in Boxing to Give the Product a Premium Look

Creative designs and shapes are used in packaging to attract customers’ attention. A small package on the retail shelf, among various products, can be easily noticed by a customer. If it is aesthetically designed and shaped. Customers perceive the product by its packaging. If the Packaging is Stylish, has a unique shape, and has creative graphics and designs then the product is perceived as of high quality and expensive. The premium look of any package helps in achieving market success.

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