There are very few people who are successful at work and in life. The secret to their success is embracing positive change and doing things differently. Like others, they are subject to pressure and the stress of life. However, when it comes to their coping or response mechanism, they act and think differently. This is why they become inspirational members of modern society and inspire others with their work and presence.

Sharon DeFlorio – Investments in the self for health and happiness

Sharon DeFlorio is a leading example of such a person who is a successful Business Development Representative and a happy person in life. She is from the USA, and in the past, she worked as an Executive Compensation Analyst at Xerox and was an integral part of the team that managed the equity and the compensation of the senior-level executives.

Before her professional stint with Xerox, she was the Senior Corporate Paralegal at Terex Corporation, where she provided corporate governance and insight for more than 100 domestic and global subsidiaries, and previously served as the corporate paralegal in New York City at Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal.

Building lasting relationships

She is a high-performing professional who efficiently manages and builds relationships via business operations with C-suite executives and individuals with an ultra-high net worth. Since she is an expert in the field of business development, she believes in the value of communication and respect. These qualities are successful in any professional career.

Serving the community is important

Besides being a professional, she is not only focused on career growth and development. She wishes to be a socially responsible person and help others in the community. She is actively involved in programs that focus on causes close to her heart in her free time.

She is an active fundraiser and a committed philanthropist who supports a wide range of extensive programs that generate awareness to terminate child abuse and neglect. She also is passionate about programs that revolve around the condition of multiple sclerosis and research in cancer.

Personal growth and development

There is no age limit for learning, and she believes in this to a large extent. It is crucial to evaluate oneself and upgrade with new skills and education when it comes to personal and professional growth. She believes in this, and this is why she devotes time to personal growth and development.

She loves to learn and consistently seeks unique opportunities for professional growth and development with the motive to generate team value and consistent revenue for the organization.

She recently completed a Mastering Sales Course at the Northwestern | Kellogg, subsequently received her Paralegal Certification from Adelphi University, received a certificate for the Center for The Media Arts in Broadcasting and Media, and her Bachelor’s degree in Science from The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the USA. Besides all the above, Sharon DeFlorio loves health and fitness, and she is a multi-sport athlete and is passionate about cycling and swimming; she loves half-marathons and tennis.

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